Mass Effect 3 - Entire Single Player Demo Gameplay

Video of the entire Mass Effect 3 Single Player Demo on the Xbox 360.

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explicitd2290d ago

Dear lord I can't wait for this to come out!

ShinMaster2290d ago

Gears of War in space with dialogue trees.

Oh, how this series has quickly fallen.

theroadtoruin2290d ago

yeah, it's a shame the mainstream thinks changing it into a shooter, killing the RPG elements, and making it extremely linear makes it a better game. ME1 will always have a place in my heart though.

beer_baron2290d ago

Hmm 40 mins is a pretty solid demo

rvbfreak2290d ago

Ehh, Mass Effect is kinda overrated

dreamoner2290d ago

why? cos it's a rpg and not a fps? :P

duplissi2290d ago

to be fair its not quit an rpg anymore, at least not compared to most rpgs, and i know a lot of rpg die hards were disappointed at the direction it took

ShinMaster2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

It's because it's NOT an RPG. It's a Gears of War-like shooter in space with Halo's blade and dialogue trees.

Godmars2902290d ago

Sadly, RPGs aren't what they use to be this gen. Many devs just abused the term in hopes they'd attract RPG fans.

dreamoner2286d ago

Well, it's much more of a RPG than Skyrim with shooter gameplay. Y U judge it by it's gameplay? There are choices and there are consequences and I call it RP.

You go play a game like skyrim and every time there is a skill levels up you feel playing a RPG.

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FrightfulActions2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Funny, I thought there was going to be a mars mission in the demo. This Demo seems to be basically the same thing from E3. Still excited to give it a whirl, though. I noticed Kirrahe is alive... even though it apparently isn't an imported save. I was under the impression that 'default' story Shepard had him always dead, since Mordin alway's commented that he "Heard he died on Virmire." If he is alive by default, this is good news for PS3 players who had no real option of saving him, since they don't have the original Mass Effect.

Intentions2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Wasn't this demo on the beta version for the new dash (current dash) for the xbox for those who signed up for it? Of course it was buggy etc.

EDIT: Yep...its like the exact same demo.....just longer and the buggy bits are gone, and gfx update.

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