Mass Effect 3 Demo Available Early

A new mini game has provided a way to download Mass Effect 3's upcoming demo a few days early.

By playing a short Facebook game, fans can win a code for early access to the demo.

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49erguy2203d ago

They should have it so that people who pre ordered get it early. The completely random matching is stupid.

FrightfulActions2203d ago

I couldn't agree more - those who preordered it should be the ones who get early access, not BF3 players or Facebook winners.

DeFFeR2202d ago

Wait... BF3 players get it early? How?

FrightfulActions2202d ago

This has been covered on N4G already, but the post is still in the pending category. Here is the EA statement on this matter.

And for a more detailed walkthrough of that, here is the link N4G contributor "ali711arab" (unusual name) shared in his pending post that is still awaiting approval. http://www.watchvideogames....

Hope this helps.

49erguy2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

"We're sorry there are no codes left." I paid 80 fucking dollars for the CE and didn't get any type of early access? That's fucking bullshit man! On top of that shit we get to play the MP early since we bought BF3?

FUCK THAT! Who the FUCK is buying ME3 for the MP?

Baka-akaB2203d ago

Stop wasting everyone's time and just release the demo then

tigertron2203d ago

Not just for the Xbox, but the PS3 aswell.

I may have a 360 but I'm getting ME3 on the PS3 so I want to play the PS3 version instead.

Shang-Long2203d ago

is there a difference between the two?

Megaton2203d ago

@Shang-Long - I think the only difference is that you can't import ME1 decisions, aside from the major ones given to you in the comic. I would never play ME3 on a platform that doesn't have ME1.

tigertron2203d ago

@ Megaton

I have ME1 on the PC and ME2 on the PS3.

Sure, some little things in ME1 may affect ME3 but I think the biggest decisions that will have a large impact on ME3 will be the decisions you make in the ME2 comic i.e. saving/killing the Rachni Queen.

Megaton2203d ago

All those little things are important to me. I love seeing old, minor characters in the next installment. You miss out on interaction with characters like Conrad Verner, Gianna Parasini, and the other couple dozen people you help along the way in ME1.

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STONEY42203d ago

You guys really can't wait 2 more days?

Baka-akaB2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Actually i dont even plan on trying the demo . What for ? i know i'll get the game .

I just find it ridiculous to have people jump through mini games hoops when they can just release it , be it on one exclusive or all platforms .

TheGrimReaper2202d ago

I'll just play the demo to get the Weapons for Kingdoms of Amalur ^^

WitWolfy2202d ago

I already pre ordered the ME3 N7 CE, I already know its gonna be brilliant! No need to play a demo to remind me

Relientk772203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

"Stop wasting everyone's time and just release the demo then "

But that would be the convenient thing to do. Why would they wanna do that lol

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kingdavid2203d ago

The mini game is a joke.

SneeringImperialist2203d ago

How the fudge are you supposed to win this mini game lol?

nuttyjawa2203d ago

it's just completely random lol

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