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When I was younger I could easily point to Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) as my favorite game developer, the legendary studio responsible for many late night gaming marathons, as well as my enduring addiction to Japanese RPGs. Unfortunately, this boyhood adoration of mine has all but faded in recent years, with Square-Enix's titles no longer the ideal that other RPG developers aspire towards, but instead glaring reminders of Japan's stagnant game industry.

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NoTheMama2231d ago

How the mighty have fallen....
Its a shame too, Square were brilliant when on top of their game. But there's at least hope for one epic FF game on PS3, FFX hd is a sure fire winner. I cant comment on Vs.13, that game seems like a myth lol (looks great though!)

Ranma12231d ago

se has ruined FF.

am not content with 7 or 8's. i want my FF's to be getting closer to 10's, like they did 10 or more yrs ago.

Elemental_2231d ago

no offense dude but your pathetic if you associate worth with score.

lumley6662231d ago

dont believe every score u read, im a die hard ff fan, ff7,8 and 9 are stil my top 3 games iv ever played, i was also dissapointed with ff13, but after putting in over 40 hours on ff13-2 so far i can deffo say its a great game, its very similer to ff10-2 which i also enjoyed, tbh ff13-2 so far has been the best jrpg iv played this gen, and iv played lost odyssey, xenoblade chronicles, star ocean last hope international etc

i think most jrpg fans will enjoy this game and i would deffo reccomend it

Razongunz2231d ago

personally i love the 13 series and any other FF title, i'm not like alot of others bitching about the games, FFXIII was my all-time favorite game and i'm getting XIII-2 collector's edition in a few days love the graphics and story, some games might have had better combat system... and some might dislike the current FF characters, well i love them and i like the battle system..even if its not as good as prior games it doesnt mean it sucks, i kinda like the linearity the butload of cutscenes and cinematics and the story and ofc the graphics! thats what makes me love those games and the turnbased system on 13 was alot of fun.

everyone might not have the same taste.. that said.. 13 didnt suck at all it was different but i loved it.

now ppl are aloved to have their own opinion but i don't have any grudge against SE other than that their FF14 sucked balls because of lack of content and support and the fact that SE arent great to listen to their fans for advice, but the newer games they made have completely blown me away and i love them.

some might disagree while some will think and feel the same way i do about these games..thats just how it works in this world.

Nodoze2231d ago

I think that Square is purposely holding back vs13 as it is a PS3 exclusive. Wada has a hard on for Microsoft this generation (which will be the end of SquareEnix). He has Gates golden cock lodged firmly in his ass. It has already been discussed to bring the game multiplatform (which killed 13). They chopped to game to appease the weaker optical format. It made no sense whatsoever.

Fire Wada. He is incompetent and cannot lead SquareEnix.

His decisions have cost them something that cannot easily be regained...loyal fans.

Perhaps when he is standing in the ruins among the ashes he will realize the errors of his ways. [email protected] you Wata, I won't buy another game from your company!

Knight_Cid2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

This review is best ignored,

You think japan is stagnant?

KOA dev " all bethesda games are the same"

fanbase to bioware " why wont you do rpgs anymore"

Was KH BBS great? was TWENWY great? was dq IX great? was the ff 3 remake great? so many other fantastic games

was revant wings great? was tactics advance 2 great? was crisis core great? was type zero great? the fact that out of 20 great FF games you bring up the 1 bad one means your trolling

And your false bias is showing.

I cant even take people like that serious

@ whats interesting is ff 13-2 was the game of the month at rpg fan.

but KOA got the higher score from the site. Maybe the played more than 5 minutes of both and later decided what the better game should of been

How do I know this guy didnt spend 5 minutes with the game and let is false generalizing rambling do the rest

Kos-Mos2231d ago

Agree, the fucker exist in a small bubble. I`ll pop it and maybe he will expand his mind....maybe.

VitoGesualdi2231d ago

The reason you can tell I spent more than 5 minutes with the game, is because I provide very clear examples of it's various failings. As mentioned, the plot is extremely lazy at times. In one section, a village has been driven to starvation by terrible storms, even though they have a magical weather changing device in the village!

After doing some fetch quests, you're deemed worthy of the machine, even though it consists of just two levers anyone else in the village could've pulled and saved their people from dying of hunger.

Next time you try to accuse me of bias, actually read the article, and recognize that maybe you're living in your own bubble.

Knight_Cid2231d ago


you provided evidence? I dont see that dude. Your is just in the long line of troll articles.

Th eplot is lazy? Not. Its not the best part of the game but it isnt terrible

the gameplay is so amazing it puts western rpgs to the doghouse

your complaining about fetch quests and then praising skyrim?

I cant take you seriously.


The bubble is yours and trolls.

VitoGesualdi2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Your reading comprehension is at such a low level that I'm unable to have an actual discussion with you. Not only do I have no problem with fetch quests (when done right), but if you read the article, you'll see I directly praise Square for bringing back such side-quests. My previous comment concerned the lazy plot alone, and your attempt to accuse me of being a hypocrite is honestly embarrassing, as it's based on your inability to read what was actually wrote.

If your response to my thought-out article is simply "You're wrong because I happen to enjoy the game," then consider that your personal tastes may not be the ultimate standard of quality.

As stated, I like the game, though I'm also objective enough to recognize its numerous flaws. Plenty more sites offer reviews by blind fanboys. You're welcome to seek those out at your leisure.

Elemental_2231d ago

@ vito

Seems like your alone dude. Nobody agrees with a trolling nincompoop

MizTv2231d ago

i played the ff13-2 for the first hour and i think it was fun

vikingland12231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Personally I haven't played it yet so I don't really have an opinion. But my son and son in law love it! both are really into it.

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