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The Darkness II is a dark and moody graphic novel style first person shooter with a very unique battle system, an interesting linear storyline but some fairly cliché characters.

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MkaY2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Interesting review. Too bad the game is too short. With little more length, this game would have been in my growing games-to-play list.

It seems that lot of games are simply just too short these days... *shrug

h311rais3r2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

It short but if u want all the powers u need to play new game +. People saying its too short are usually playing it on normal. I play on hardest difficulties so it lengthens the game ;) Game is amazing tho

TheGameFoxJTV2347d ago

Exactly, everything in the game, the gunplay, the powers, the animations, the writing, the voice acting, and the overall story are top notch. It's sad that a rumor about game length has turned so many people away from the game. It's downright amazing.

MkaY2347d ago

I too, play my games on hard. I'm not saying people should not buy good games if they are short. By all means they're still good even they are short!

My point is that with so many good games on the market there are many other games to choose from. If I have to choose between two games, of the same genre, that are good. I'll pick the one which will provide more for the price tag.

Kakihara2347d ago

It is an absolutely amazing game, the combat is some of the most fun I've had in a game ever and the story surprisingly almost outdoes it's awesome predecessor in terms of amazing moments that completely elevate the experience above your regular videogame experience...

BUT it IS a ridiculously short game. Sure you can lengthen the experience by turning the difficulty right up so that each firefight takes much longer to get through but that's not really an argument in the game's favour since,
1) You can do this with any game that has a difficulty setting, meaning this game on it's hardest setting will still be much much shorter than the majority of other games you might buy.
2) The game's pace is based around the amount of time it will take an average gamer to get through each firefight on normal difficulty. Increasing the difficulty will make the game last longer for your average gamer but it will hurt the experience since all of the parts that were supposed to push a regular player to his limit, letting him just about scrape by and all the little enemies that were just thrown in to keep the adrenaline pumping while some important story developments occured, all the little nuances of the experience will be replaced by a relentless Demon's souls esque grind.

I am extremely glad I bought this game and will get many more hours out of it simply by replaying it over and over but it can't be avoided that this game's single player campaign is much much shorter than what's usually considered normal for it's type of game. In fact it's shorter than quite a lot of DLC campaigns.

pandehz2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Yep game is really short.

Took roughly 4 and half hrs in mobster(assuming normal mode)

My opinion:

Performs well on pc maxed out n everything
Very responsive movement and gunplay
Looks and sounds pretty decent overall.
Great voice acting.
Likeable characters.Some of the characters you will remember for sure right to the end.

Repetitive gameplay. Go to new set piece-baddies attack in a similar manner-avoid light-use tentacles to gain health or ammo. Same thing in every part. Almost felt like I was surviving the game more than playing it. Was playing it only to get to the story bit.

Another drawback of the tentacles thingy is when u do one of the moves the combat stops and goes into a couple seconds animation every single time and sadly u will have to do it a lot just to survive which is basically get health/ammo. Wish we could move about while the darkness was doing its body slashing moves. Also there are only a few animations which it will repeat quite randomly at times and after the first hour it does get quite stale.

Poor story done well. I know it sounds odd but it actually is quite a bad or lets say cliched plot but its just told quite well. If youve been watching movies for a decent amount of yrs I bet youve come across many a times a similar plot like this.

Very short game.

Co-op is boring as it feels like a grind fest to lvl up only a few skills and do really very few moves. I mean literally about 2 or 3 moves in the co-op. Also very short co-op campaign.

Overall I feel Darkness 2 couldve been a great game. Just chop off the multiplayer aspect and focus on a solid singleplayer maybe.

AllroundGamer2347d ago

yeah the tentacle animation should only show from time to time, not always... but i found the game pretty good overall.

bumnut2347d ago

I loved the demo, but im not paying £29.99 off steam for it. I will wait until it is around £17.99