Hottest PlayStation Vita games for launch and beyond

Pocket-Lint: Sony's latest entry into the handheld console market, the PlayStation Vita, arrives in the UK and the US on 22 February. And Sony has brought to the table a console capable of making some pretty big waves (check out our full review here).

It boasts a gorgeous 5-inch qHD OLED touchscreen, is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and the graphics engine is hefty, to say the least; again quad-core in the SGX543MP4+. Throw in a rear touchpad for an altogether different experience, Sixaxis motion sensing, a three-axis electronic compass and, crucially, a D-Pad and buttons; something that almost all tablets and smartphones are missing.

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tarbis2318d ago

Nice article but he forgot Sengoku Musou Next for the beat 'em ups.