PSM3 - PS4 Set For E3 2012, 'More At TGS'

''The latest issue of UK gaming magazine PSM3 is now available, and with it comes another bold statement regarding the existence of Sony’s next generation console.''

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mrshooter2k122167d ago

Could be possible. Would be great news if Microsoft & Sony announced their next-gen systems at E3.

To be fair to Kaz, he wouldn't of exactly said that they are bringing PS4 to E3 - would kinda ruin the surprise. :)

LX-General-Kaos2167d ago

I hope to the gaming gods that this is true. Then i wont have to see abunch of people claiming they are just fine with this gen. And that new consoles are not needed because they have the ps3.

I would buy a ps4 day 1, and so would most of the people saying the ps3 will last them 3 more years.

HebrewHammer2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I've got $100 on absolutely NO next generation console talk from Sony this year. For them, E3 2012 is all about continuing PS3 hype with The Last Guardian, Santa Monica Studios' next game, a possible Syphon Filter reboot, Dust 514, Quantic Dreams next title, whatever Guerilla Games is working on, LBP Karting, and The Last of Us. Not to mention AGENT, which is a long shot, but I'm hoping it resurfaces one day soon. Couple those with some huge multiplatform titles like CoD and GTA, and you've got some pretty substantial proof that the PS3 is far from done.

Let's not forget that Sony is releasing a new portable next week and they won't turn their attention to new hardware so soon.

If you truly think Sony is going to announce a PS3 successor this year, then you should really study fiscal viability and common sense.

Sorry guys and gals, it's just not in the cards - I'll see you in 2013 though!

BrutallyBlunt2167d ago

There is less than a 1% chance they will come out with a PS4 this year. Most likely it will be in 2013 along with the new XBOX.

The PS3 is currently still $249, why would they come out with another system that is more expensive? Chances are the PS3 will be $199 this year, which still leaves a lot of room to come lower. Sony has learned from the $499-$599 price points on the original PS3 that it spells trouble.

Furthermore they are just about to release Vita to other regions. There is no way they would crowd both systems and have the funds to market both within the same year.

These rumors are getting out of control. Sony may show a teaser at E3 but that's about it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2167d ago

Yeah... I don't see it happening. Sony isn't announcing a new console till 2013 at least.

PLASTICA-MAN2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

My PS Vita needs its LittleBig sister the PS4. I just jumped in a super massive black hole this gen (no PS3 and no PSP), I will jump in a white hole now. I already pre-ordered my PSVita and I will pre-order my PS4.

LX-General-Kaos2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I know most of you claim theres more life in the PS3 and all that. But if a PS4 came out tomorrow would you keep the same attitude?

Now that i think about it.. Didnt sony say that they will NOT be left behind in some interview about a month ago? You are all diehard fans so im sure you know what im talking about. Sony would be a stupid company to let Nintendo get a 2 year lead. A 1 year lead is already pushing it, but two years for nintendo is over the top.

If nintendo gets that much time in the market over them it will be a world class beating. Thi install base for the wii u would be massive over the ps4.

@HebrewHammer.. They might have said that about the next xbox but that would be foolish on their part to count nintendo out. New gen means new possibilities for everyone. Nintendos console can easily come out and be a beast!

I say we wait until E3 to pass too much judgement on the wii u just yet. But i do think it is a mistake to leave them alone in the market. You can look at the 3DS vs VITA sales as a small example of what im talking about. It would be foolish for microsoft to make that mistake as well

HebrewHammer2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Sony did say that, and they also said they will have no new hardware announcements in 2012. But honestly, why do we believe what people among the corporate ladder have to say? When addressing rumors they just give a misleading answer to throw consumers off the scent.

And when Sony said they didn't want to be left behind, they were refering to the next Xbox. You've got it all wrong. The PS4 and NextBox arn't playing catch up to the WiiU, but rather the WiiU is playing catch up to the PS3 and 360. When Sony and Microsoft announce their new hardware, the WiiU will pale in comparison.

Nintendo made a questionable decision to delay their jump into HD with the Wii, and it did wonders for them in the begining. But I get the feeling that decision is going to bite them in the ass when the WiiU drops - 5 years too late.

gaffyh2166d ago

If they announce PS4 at E3, it will pretty much kill PS3 sales. I think they'll at least wait until GamesCom, if not next E3.

stevenhiggster2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Sony announced the PS3 in 2005 but it didn't come out till 2007. So even if they do announce it this year I won't expect to be playing one til 2014.
I personally don't expect it, I think they'll give the Vita at least a year of breathing space.

@SilentNegotiator, Of course they're gonna say that no matter what is true.

GearsOfWar2166d ago

If we go back to the beginning of this generation, Sony released the PSP in 2005 and announced the PS3 in 2005 with a 2006 release.

They could follow through on the way they did it this generation or do something completely different.

Whichever decision they decide to go with will reflect what their analysts have learned this time around.

Of course, a lot of early momentum was lost due to Microsoft releasing a year before. I'm not so sure they would want that to happen again but I'm also sure they would want to add as much value as possible (that's what Sony does).

I guess what I'm getting at is we really have no way to guess. We just have to wait for Sony.

jaymart2k2166d ago

They call those people I don't want spend no money.

Mommy plz

blumatt2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Umm, the PS2 has been selling pretty strong even after the PS3 was announced way been in like '05/'06. So, why do you think the PS3 won't sell when the PS4 is announced. Of course, the amount will drop off, but it will still sell well to people who don't want or need the newest console or just possibly want a gaming and bluray player for cheap.

Hell, the PS2 will probably STILL be selling when the PS4 is announced. That means Sony will be supporting THREE home consoles simultaneously. Now, that's support right there, folks! They don't just ditch the previous console like other companies.

Soldierone2166d ago

I'm fine with my PS3 for 3 years, but if PS4 comes out before then I'll buy it. I don't feel this generation is as desperate as last generation to move on, that's why people don't see a need for new consoles.

However Sony is playing off Microsofts cards. I bet their conference will be later too, just to prove it. IF MS announces theirs, you know for a fact Sony will say something. It might not be present, it might just be a few slides of what it can do, but they will take that thunder away from MS.

BlmThug2166d ago

It seems a lot of people have inside information on Sony and what they do /S

Someone even bet $100 XD

specialguest2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

I'll bet $100 that next gen consoles will be talked about by Sony this year. (slams $100 on table)

And if the PS4 gets announced this year, I'm taking your hammer! You'll be strip away of your full name and just be known as Hebrew.

Genki2166d ago

In my case it's not that I'm fine with this generation. Quite the contrary; this generation of consoles sucked hard and I don't want another crop rushed, unfinished hardware that struggles to keep up with current standards.

The primary reason I don't want new consoles for at least another 2 years is that I don't want the same mistakes made again. As a gamer, I would have to pay for it by having shoddy hardware with gimped features playing games with unrealized potential.

Sick of playing current gen games? Get another hobby; there's more to life.

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Mr Tretton2167d ago

Both these companies have too big of games coming soon to release a new console. Next year is very likely, but Sony and MS have a lot of money to still make back. They want their consoles to do in the long run what the Wii did in the past 5 years.

Thatguy-3102167d ago

BRING IT SONY!!!!!! Can't freaking wait to see next gen games and how they tackle specific things differently.

wardestroyr2166d ago

It will happen. Nobody really expected the Wii U to surface at E3 2011 until the Project Cafe rumors began to heat up in the months preceding E3.

Unreal Engine 4 will debut later this year, and there is news that a number of Sony first-party studios are already working on PS4 projects.

The PS3 has a good few years ahead before it will become irrelevant. I agree in saying that the announcement will be put in place to counter the burgeoning hype surrounding Xbox Next and Wii U - Xbox Next will be announced, and executives at both companies would be fired if they just decided to reveal to some random journalist that a next generation console is coming soon.

These executives are professionals and would most likely have scripted answers to any questions surrounding PS4, Xbox Next. Sony has been firing the ten year life-cycle of PS3 when anything PS4 related props up. That doesn't necessarily mean that nothing is in place, and you can bet your bottom dollar that a prototype PS4 is hidden away in Sony towers in Tokyo. )

The PS3 was launched in November 2006 in JP/US, and March 2007 in Europe. That's 5-6 years give or take. If a late 2013 release applies to Japan, in addition to an early 2014 release for EU/US territories - that basically makes an 8 year gap between the PS3 & PS4.

MariaHelFutura2167d ago

It blows my mind that people don't think this is gonna happen this year!!

Why are people even talking about PS3 support that is still going on?? The PS2 still had exclusives coming out a year or two ago!!! They have more than enough internal studios to support the PS3, the beginning of the PS4 and the PSV. These consoles have been out for longer than any other console generation, its time for a change.

wardestroyr2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

It will most likely happen.

The PS3 isn't just going to disappear because of a PS4 announcement. E3 2012 seems relatively correct if you follow highly respected publications such as MCV basically guaranteeing that it will happen.

More news will probably follow at TGS 12 - with a release date of late 2013 for Japan, and an early 2014 release for US/EU.

I hope PS4 will be cost effective - upgraded Cell processor with 2 PPUs and 16 spes, middle-tier graphics card, a new control interface ( along with Dualshock 4), and an improved Blu-ray drive - should work nicely at $399. Release a version with a smaller hard drive and a few minor adjustments, and market it for $349 - Day 1 winner. Improved Cell with a respectable graphics card should provide a noticeable jump in graphics, animations, physics etc.

Hopefully it will happen. This gen has produced a truck-load of gems, and this will continue following a PS4 announcement. By the time it does actually release everywhere, the PS Vita would have had almost 2 years to shine. :)

wardestroyr2166d ago

It sure would be a megaton indeed! :)

If PS4, Xbox Next and Wii U all appeared at E3 2012 - that would hands-down be the best E3 ever.

cannon88002167d ago

I totally agree with you dude.

Sarick2166d ago

They can announce it, that doesn't make it released that same year. Sony can announce the development of PS4 in 2012 for launch in 2015.

How long ago did it take for Square Enix to launch the last Final Fantasy after launching it?

xAlmostPro2166d ago

The comments saying things along the lines of "there's no way it will come out this year" need to re-think that.

Just because it's announced at this E3, doesn't mean it will release this year -_-

The ps3 'announcement' wasn't far behind the year the psp released.

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-Mika-2167d ago

Im glad next gen is around the corner. I can't stand the xmb anymore. It so boring. I can't wait for the new interface in the ps4.

Organization XII2167d ago

Yeah I agree. The PS3 is becoming kinda boring! Twisted Metal would probably be the last good exclusive this generation. Bring on the PS4 Sony and let it feature OS support for Windows 8. How cool would that be?

fantasygamer2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

What about The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, LBP Karting, Sly 4, Journey and possibly God of War 4?

I am very excited about PS4 I wanna see it's specs and demonstrations of its capabilities. o.o

LX-General-Kaos2167d ago

The last of us will be the last great ps3 exclusive. hell its written in the name.

CHARLIEBROWNE2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Devs plus the internet are ruining gaming as is tv timeslots ruining sport.
It's all about the money.

Majin-vegeta2167d ago

Day one when ever it's announced :P.

morkendo232167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I want a PlayStation 4

I've read somewhere Sony started on PS4 after ps3 was released. ps4 will be annouce @ E3 plus some demo's but launch late in 2013

madman21452166d ago

A brand new PS4 would be sweet, no doubt!

Brettman20082167d ago

Sony will be watching Microsoft closely at the E3. Microsofts press conference is always before Sony's so I think they will take the lead from Microsoft. I get the feeling that Sony would prefer to launch in 2014 but they know that the one year head start by Xbox 360 hurt them and they won't want to do that again. I personally think that they will both announce at the E3 (for launch late 2013) in order to take away the limelight from the Wii U.

mrshooter2k122167d ago


I get the feeling that Sony will be forced to show something. Although I do think the PS4 will make an appearance at E3 2012, i think it will be in the form of a nod toward the next generation near the end of the conference.

Nothing major, maybe a logo and a few tech demos. It will be calculated to draw attention away from Wii U and the inevitable announcement of the next Xbox.

I still firmly believe that a late 2013 release will apply to both PS4 & Xbox Next.