Jerry Bruckheimer and MTV create studio to develop vidgame properties

Variety - Ben Fritz, Tue., Dec. 18, 2007:

MTV has forged an exclusive pact with Jerry Bruckheimer to produce videogames -- the first such deal any film or TV producer has made in the vidgame world. The accord also marks the first major move in the vidgame space for MTV since it released music title "Rock Band."

Bruckheimer and MTV will create a co-owned gaming studio that will develop videogame properties. It's not expected to develop games based on films Bruckheimer produces, as the interactive rights to those are typically owned by studios.

MTV will own and publish games developed by the studio, with the name of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "CSI" exec producer prominently featured, just like on his movies and TV shows. Partners are surely hoping Bruckheimer will become a brand in the videogame world the way he already has in movies and TV.

Bruckheimer's extensive connections and influence in showbiz will likely be utilized as well, since he can help bring in creatives from traditional media to work on his vidgames. "When I moved to TV, I got people from features (i.e., movies) to join, and I plan to rely on the same talent pool and marry them with the gaming community," he told Daily Variety.

Since the partnership was just formed, MTV and Bruckheimer haven't yet identified any projects they will develop. MTV exec veep Jeff Yapp noted there are no particular genres in mind and that they may work on virtual worlds and casual, downloadable games as well as major console releases.

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BlackIceJoe3778d ago

This should be pretty neat. Jerry Bruckheimer has made some really great movies. So I look forward to see what kind of games can come out of this.