Story Matters Most To Final Fantasy Fans According To Survey

A recent survey conducted by GameVision reveals what's most important to Final Fantasy fans.

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Godmars2902325d ago

Yet strangely enough, Square hasn't been worried about story since FFX.

-Mika-2325d ago

Well that your opinion. The story in FF13-2 is great. I thought i was going to dislike Noel and serah but so far. They're great. Im always excited to reach the next cut scene and lucky for me. There alot of them.

coryok2325d ago

13-2's story so far is pretty good, im always wanting to see more of it

-Gespenst-2325d ago

XIII-2 is such a massive improvement. So much fun to play and less of the anime syndrome that plagued the characters and story of the previous game. It seems like a majority of the people who naysay it are bitter traditionalists, or those who just jump on bandwagons because of their own insecurity.

XIII wasn't even an awful game, the graphics and design were extraordinary, and the music was the best I'd heard in a videogame for a long time. It's flaws are pretty obvious I guess but to ignore the good stuff about it is to commit to the fallacy of the excluded middle.

I thought SE might have lost their minds to capitalism, but I honestly think they've been shook out of it to some extent. XIII-2 is a return to form, and if it's not that, it's a single stepping stone between their slump and a return to form.

I miss the old days too, but if you want the olds days back, just play the old games some more or get all the games Mistwalker have made.

iChii2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

'The story in FF13-2 is great.'


You're so funny.. <3

I think FF13 fans (Excluding FFv13 fans) are worse than CoD/Bf3 fans.

Oh and yes, I sadly finished FF13 and played a lot of 13-2.

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iamtehpwn2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

XIII's story wasn't so bad as much as it was poorly told. So much of it ending up being in the datalogs instead of being conveyed in a compelling way to user. XIII-2 does take steps to fix this though, as I haven't once needed the datalog.

XIII sort of dropped you in a world, and you had no idea what was going on, you were confused, no explanation of a L'cie, Fal'cie, Cucoon---X threw a lot of terms at you too, but had Tidus there to function as yourself in the game, not knowing about the game, asking questions. Everyone in XIII sort of knew what was going on, so it sort of alienated the player.

I think story telling in FF is still strong but not even close to how strong it used to be. I think the way of presenting that story has just gotten weaker than anything.

GamingTruth2325d ago

so story has gotten weaker even though characters in older final fantasy games couldnt even talk, you had to read their text on the screen?

saf1007922325d ago


What does the lack of the voice acting have to do with how the story is told? Just cause they couldn't talk doesn't mean no one read the chat boxes. Its like a subtitle. mute the tv and as long as theres subtitles u can still keep up with whats going on

iamtehpwn2325d ago


By no means what I meant at all. A movie isn't better than a book's story telling by default is it, just because it has voices and moving actors?

XIII was very different from how a traditional Final Fantasy's story is told.

Godmars2902325d ago

And the reason XIII's story was poorly told was that the team was wading through several graphic engines, then the gears shift from single to multiplatform besides.

I don't think anyone who defends XIII recalls that Sqaure said that they couldn't do towns and shops for that game, only to put them - to a fashion - into XIII-2. That happened because by then they better understood the demands of HD programming, which again wasn't helped by the first game's haphazard development.

FFXII had a story too - that one was pretty much crap too. Left you wondering why you should be getting involved with the characters much less the adventure they were on. XIII was much the same, so by default to many XIII-2 catches the flack for the title its suppose to be a sequel to.

coryok2324d ago

at first i just ignored the datalog because i thought it was something lame, never even gave it a look. story did not make much sense without it, i had to play through it again to figure it out

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KeybladeMaster2325d ago

All I am going to say is this: Story is the most important thing for me in any Final Fantasy game. I have not thoroughly enjoyed a Final Fantasy story since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and before that Final Fantasy X.

I have the hope that Versus XIII will do very well since Tetsuya Nomura is behind it and he has helped make some of the best stories in games at Square.

GraveLord2325d ago

That's weird since both XIII and Xiii-2 have a story.

HeavenlySnipes2325d ago

Strange. FFXII is rated second highest rated FF game with a great story (First ff game I played with a strong female lead). Its the best ff game yet imo. It has the most content also

Gamer-Z2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )


So does Snakes On A Plane whats your point.


Depends on who is rating it for example if you ask a group of people who are not novelists to tell you whats the best vampire book ever written in the past 20 years you know what those people are going to say, Twilight. Another good example is a recent poll that was done voting on the best video game ending ever and you know what came out on top, Black Ops! Anyways my point is people tend to judge and rate things that they know nothing about and only go by whats popular at the time therefore making ratings pretty much useless.

Xof2324d ago

Get your facts straight. Square has done nothing wrong. It's the Square-Enix that brought us "gems" like FFX-2, FFXI, FFXII, FFXIII, FFXIV, FFXIII-2, FFXIV, FFXVI, and after that FFvsXIII that deserves your ire.

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redDevil872325d ago

Square Enix don't care what Final Fantasy fans want, sadly.

VileAndVicious2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

You cant please everyone.

This doesnt just go for square but all game developers. I think that theres nothing wrong with trying something new, thats what keeps the industry fresh and new (and not full of constant sequels)
I really think some fans just need to chill out and see games for what they are. Art.
Games even though a business yes are a form of art or expression. There for you cant please everyone. I just cant understand why we all cant move past FFXIII lol.

FFXII was pretty great but the story wasnt great, but i stilll think it was one of favorite in the FF series. But everyone for some reason seems to believe that FFX was the last good game?? lol different strokes for different folks i guess

Blaine2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )


I don't know why you got disagrees... The second thing the fans voted as most important, with 33%, was "Explore and discover." The people who disagreed with you must have been content with the exploration in FFXIII!

Organization XII2325d ago

Us Final Fantasy we like to bitch a lot. That's all really. Now where is my Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3 Square Enix???

susanto12282325d ago

Ever since the earliest FF games fans have not been able to connect emotionally to FF characters and that is in direct relation to the fact that the stories in the latest FF games have been sucking.

LX-General-Kaos2325d ago

Story and battle system go hand in hand to me...

Too bad the XIII series got them both horribly wrong.

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