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Pro-Gaming Life - "Mules, mules, and more mules! That’s how Terrans can afford 1-1-1s or any other “take the whole scv village to the battlefield” strategies out there. The coming patch hits them first by making them harvest THE SAME AMOUNT OF MINERALS in high yield (yellow) mineral fields. That’s right, Terrans can no longer mass mule and exponentially push a Terran’s advantage in high yield minerals. Of course, this is only considered a nerf on maps that have them attractive yellow mineral fields. So if you’re a pro-gamer participating in the Global Starcraft League (GSL), you can disregard this part."

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MeMing2172d ago

Can you Terran players feel the hate?

MeMing2171d ago

Just a heads up for everyone, the write-up has been updated thanks to a concern gamer who pointed out the high templar mishap (miscalculation of the total damage of the Ghost's snipe on them).

ninjahunter2170d ago

Oh for gods sake, one zerg or protoss spellcaster can destroy an entire MMM army, now ghosts can hardly take on a couple zealots. God, Good job blizzard, maby you could make it so siege tanks dont do splash damage?

MeMing2169d ago

I for one think this isn't much of a difference really. MULEs are still imba and ghosts with their EMP still turns SC2 protoss units into BROOD WAR zerg! if that ain't imba, i don't know what is.

And btw, ever noticed how 1 medivac can destroy 1 zerg/toss base? Can't be done with 1 shuttle with 4 zealots/dts mate! lolz