Angry Video Game Nerd: A Christmas Carol Pt. 1

The Nerd returns just in time for the holidays and does what he does best - Takes a look at games from the past... and maybe present and future.

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MK_Red3651d ago

A rather short video from The Nerd but at least much better than some of his recent reviews. AVGN still rocks.

MK_Red3651d ago

Agreed. He is still really good but sadly, not as great as his older vids. This one is really great though. AVGN FTW indeed!

Relcom3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

My favorite video is when he lands the plane on top gun with the power glove, when he failed to do so and his previous review.

Oh man i laughed long and hard(thats what she said)

MK_Red3651d ago

lol, True :)
That one was a riot. In his Top Gun review he did everything and plane still crashed but he made it power glove which he could even play Mario with. God, I miss his earlier and simpler videos.

Relcom3651d ago

He's getting paid now, so i'm sure he doesn't get complete creative control like he had before. Its to bad, but the new ones are alright just not his best.

Hey we can always go back and watch the old ones though.

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gamesblow3651d ago

Meh, this one was alright... better than the last 4 I've seen from him and will always be infanitly better than Ms Boring herself "sadie" but that's a different story all together.

James is cool, I just think Gametrailers has toned his act waaaaaay down. That's sad.

Vojkan3651d ago

old ones are much better