Nerd Rage-Episode 54- The Chinese Rage Quit

Join Ben, Fultzie, and Andrew as they dicuss the latest in gaming news this week.

Valve working on “secret” TF2 Project
Half Life 3 Protest on Steam
If you’re League of Legend friend sucks, he might be dead
Dungeon Defenders hits 1 million downloads
Portal 2-Skyrim mashup mod
The Original Elder Scrolls now free!
Get text messages from Commander Shepard
Square Enix announces Sleeping Dogs
Update on the Steam Hack Attack
New Amnesia game teased
Blizzard and Valve in legal quarrel over DOTA
Anonymous takes down the CIA

The guys also discuss what they have been playing Ben and Fultzie give their reviews for Indie squad shooter, Pineapple Smash Crew

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