Where to find the remaining Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition units

A look at the several major retailers that are still taking pre-orders for the N7 Collector’s Editions of Mass Effect 3, which are quickly selling out before the game’s release.

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FrightfulActions2501d ago

I just checked, and also has the collectors edition for PS3 still. They're out of 360 versions though.

gillri2501d ago

Yes they are sold in the UK on the 360, but lots PS3 versions. just goes to show there alot of hype on the 360

UltimateIdiot9112501d ago

The series started on the 360, it's not surprising if many get the 360 version especially when carrying their Shepard over.

Reaper99372501d ago

In South Africa, the N7 Collector's edition is still available everywhere for pre-order.

AntiProton2501d ago

I am surprised BT still have copies at this point.

Been watching their page regularly to see when they actually take the N7 off the release page due to no stock. Was worried i was not going to get my N7 copies so i ordered mine the day it went up on their site back in August last year.

Then when BT switched over to the policy of requiring a deposit for CE's now this year, i made sure to pay that asap back in Jan when i got the sms notification.

While i was at it, just doubled checked, it seems BT is in the same situation, N7 still available for PC and PS3. N7 for Xbox is sold out, only retail copy available now.

Reaper99372501d ago

Yes you are correct, seems the X-box loyalists still see Mass Effect as their IP.

Do you actually agree with the new 100 bucks deposit policy BTGames has implemented?

AntiProton2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Will Send you a PM to answer your question below. Will get to it in during the day.

m232501d ago

It's a good thing I pre-ordered before hand, I would have hated to miss out on such a great CE.

snowman21492501d ago

So basically go to Target and Toys R US if you want the xbox 360 version

DarkBlood2501d ago

or, just checked and it says its available though before it wasnt

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