Game Informer review scores - March 2012

The latest Game Informer review scores include a Vita hardware (grade) and games, a 1.0, Jak and Daxter Collection, and more.

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jazzking20012350d ago

Vita got a good score but will it sell?

da_2pacalypse2350d ago

no... it's too expensive... it'l be the ps3 all over again. You won't see good sale figures until a year or two from now. It's unfortunate, but it's the truth.

MAJ0R2350d ago

Yeah Sony never learns, they really need some new people over there to guide the company in the right direction.

eferreira2350d ago

look at the tech behind it, how could you say its too expensive

Organization XII2350d ago

How the fuck is it "too expensive"? And people pay $700 on smartphones yet a $250 is labeled expensive for a next-gen dedicated gaming handheld? How about defining for me what is 'inexpensive'.

MaxXAttaxX2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

* The PSP sold around 75 million units. Sony made the most successful non-Nintendo handheld system. What makes you think the PS Vita won't sell?

* How in the world is it "too expensive"!?
The 3DS launched at $250 as well and the PS Vita's hardware (power, controls, screen) and overall tech is more powerful and advanced.
It's well worth the price.

You guys don't know the value of sh*t rr simply being delusional.
The PS3 was the cheapest Blu-ray capable hardware and has been steadily selling rather faster that it's main competitor, cutting the gap to only 2 million.
How is that "not selling"???

Trolls gonna hate.

morganfell2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Everyone that was anyone was at E3 when the Vita pricing was announced and they liked it. No they loved it. Every talking head said the same thing, "Sony hit the sweet spot." It will sell.

@solja below,

You really have no idea which divisions in Sony were successful this past year and which were not, do you.

ronin4life2350d ago

A game consoles value comes from its software, not its make up.
If you are going to praise the machine, do so based on what it will do and not on pure potential alone. After all, no one would want it at all if it couldn't even play games.

MaxXAttaxX2349d ago

I was speaking of value in terms of hardware.

If you want to speak in a more philosophical way, then the PS3 has plenty of great games and the PS Vita is already showing signs of great game support. Just look at all the titles already announced for launch and the months to come.

There's value either way you want to spin it.

TKCMuzzer2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

So as a company decision do you think they should have made a cheaper console with less features that would be obsolete in 6 months?

On Amazon with a game I can get a 3DS with Mario Kart (Pimped up DS) for £150. For £80 more I can get a PS Vita, memory card and game. I had the pleasure of playing a 3DS and to be honest from what I see that £80 difference is a bargain for Vita owners. (and no stupid second stick add on as an after thought, so add that it into the price difference and suddenly all this too expensive stuff is rubbish considering the gap in technology)

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auen12350d ago

excellent point, org XII; if this was an iphone/ipad contraption people would already be lining up to buy it.

MasterCornholio2350d ago

Nice to see the Vita get a lot of positive reviews.


lugia 40002350d ago

7.75 is good.

I wonder if vita will have +90% games on metascore. I kinda hope so. PSP only had 2 +90 games. Its kinda dissapointing to have consoles get many above 90s.

Elemental_2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

you must be joking The psp had hundreds of 90 quality titles overall screw false reporting like metascore

EmperorDalek2350d ago

GOW COO&GOS, MGS PO&PW, KZ: liberation, Dissidia and Daxter were arguably 90's... but you must give a lot of mini's 90's if you can think of hundreds.

Elemental_2350d ago

tactics ogre psp.

Theres 1 you didnt mention. Logic broken

ronin4life2350d ago

How is his logic broken because you name a single game?

Knight_Cid2349d ago

dude only 2 games were mentioned.

zhp, gungir, any 10 of the legend of heroes games, ect. the agmes are out there

Elemental_2350d ago

where is my devil survivor 2 review? Where is my tales of graces review or ninokuni? or tales of abyss 3ds? I want that

Sgt_Slaughter2350d ago

How did Postal III get a 1? I mean it's the best game ever made! It's even better than any Mario game or Uncharted game ever made as well!!.... Oh my god XD I can't take myself seriously anymore XD

SuperBeast8112350d ago

I know right? I was considering it to be this gens Ocarina of Time!!!

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