GTA IV: Launch between February and March 2008

In a post-earnings conference call, Take-Two further dissected its fourth quarter earnings and answered questions from a group of industry watchers. While the publisher reaffirmed that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTAIV will launch simultaneously between February and March, Take-Two did say that the Xbox 360 version of the game will receive downloadable content into its fiscal year 2009. When asked whether the game will see a Wii release, a Take-Two representative said, "I think there are other titles that are better suited to the Wii than Grand Theft Auto 4."

Despite a "very, very solid performance" by NBA 2K8, the publisher noted that its 2K Sports division did not turn a profit in 2007. Overall, sports titles accounted for 20 percent of the publisher's revenue for the quarter, according to Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein. Other sports titles released for the year included All-Pro Football 2K8, The BIGS, and Top Spin 2, among others.

Following the strong performance of Carnival Games on the Wii, the publisher also noted that it would be bringing Cat Daddy Game's minigame compilation to the Nintendo DS this summer

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MK_Red3742d ago

I thought GTA4 was pushed to Q3. Hope they don't rush it.

MK_Red3742d ago

lol at disagree. Looks like some one likes them to rush GTA4.

Relcom3742d ago

maybe they think they should rush it....I dunno

Chris_GTR13742d ago

if they rush it, then ps3 version is the one thatll suffer....

tethered3742d ago

The disagrees seem to follow me around too.


DARKKNIGHT3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

this game is gonna be great on all platforms! i expect reserve lines and overnight campers out the door just like san andreas. im gonna reserve myself a copy on that thought

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Hydrollex3742d ago

Agree me
and if you will not buy this game disagree me.

Relcom3742d ago

Slick way to get agrees : )

And yes i agreed with you

Fresh3742d ago

day one of it's release so I agree with you:)

It is good to hear we can expect to play GTA IV early 08.

tethered3742d ago

I have a pre-order for this game and have had it for a really long time so I agree with you. Day one for me too!

Jack T3742d ago

GTA4 on 360 will probably get at least 5 million in a few months. The PS3 version will probably sell about 900,000 in the same time frame given how games like Unreal Tournament, Ratchet and Uncharted have been doing so poorly.

tethered3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I have to disagree MR. Jack.

I think the PS3 sales are going to skyrocket when this comes out. It debuted on the PS2 and there are millions+ PS2 owners that have yet to buy into the next generation of gaming. Im not sure the every day Joe even hears most of what we talk about here and really could care less about down-loadable content. Thats just my opinion of course.

While I think MS has a great thing going for them at the moment with some really fun and great games, this game will sell the PS3 like no other game out, well other than GOW3 and GT5, oh and MGS lets not forget FF.

Damn! PS3 is going to hit it big in 2008.

Just so you all know, I do own a 360 and I love it. I have Gears and plan on getting Gears 2.

The 360 has some really great features that the PS3 still needs to implement. It has had a great run so far and I really hope it continues to do well. The PS3 will catch up this year and maybe pass up the 360 but I must say I hope they remain close because that is what drives innovation.

If they remain close we get the best there can be.

So in closing:
To the people that only own the PS3, try out the 360.
To the people that only own the 360, try out the PS3.

They really will sit next to each other without any fights. Gasp!!!
They compliment each other well.

I plan on seeing many, many disagrees because of the 360 and PS3 fanboys on this site but who the hell cares.

Keep Gaming!

Relcom3742d ago

Nothing better then getting drunk and seeing how long you can go without getting killed. While mowing down everyone and everything(besides women and children, i'm a conscience killer).

THC CELL3742d ago

i will wait for ps3 version to come out i think
it will be a lot better

x box can be buggy as hell for all i no

Chris_GTR13742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

.... are you seriously saying that?? oh shure, have fun playing an unfinished game, while the 360 owners get the complete ending plus the precursor to the game and bonus ending.(episodic content)

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