5 Classic Games That Need to Return

The whole Double Fine / Kickstarter story seemed to have stirred up quite a lot of nostalgic emotions in most of the gaming community these last couple of days. Twitter feeds were abuzz with people tweeting games that they would like to see modern versions of.

Here is a list of 5 games that should see a return in one form or another.

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notimetobeidle2205d ago

A new Dungeon Keeper would probably give me a heart attack. I've been wanting it for so long.

WriterX2205d ago

Yes, yes and once again, YES!

Not to worry some of you, but there was a new Dungeon Keeper game, called Dungeon Keeper online (or, DK3).

It was released in Asia as an MMO, and although I wanted to write about it: 1) I could not understand a thing and 2) It was no longer Dungeon Keeper.

I only hope if there is another proper DK game, it will be like the classics.

EtienneK2205d ago

Wow, that is very interesting. Have a link (that's in english)?

WriterX2205d ago

Did a quick search, here is a link to an extensive review:

I could not find a version of the main site in English.

3DMii2205d ago

I couldent agree more! :)

MWH2205d ago

why make only 5? add:

Little Big Adventure
Legacy of kain
King's Quest
System Shock

... and about a X more games that i can't think of at the very moment.

h311rais3r2205d ago

System shock 3 already came out. It's called bioshock!

krazykombatant2205d ago

YES SOMEONE THAT knows of Twinsen's Odyssey!! aka. LBA... My copy just wont work on my vista, i've been trying to figure out if i can find a way to make it work, such a good game!

EtienneK2205d ago

+1000 to Little Big Adventure!

krazykombatant2205d ago

Claw and Little Big Adventure (Twinsen's Oddyssey 1&2) 'Nuff said.

MWH2205d ago

Captain Claw?! that was one hell of a platformer. glad to seen few "relic" gamers here.

krazykombatant2205d ago

Yeah dude, that games was epic, although, if I remember correctly once you entered the mermaid cave it got ridiculously difficult.

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