Pushmo Review []

A delightful experience that should be on every 3DS owner's wishlist.

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Lelldorianx2349d ago

The central red guy reminds me of a shyguy!

AWBrawler2349d ago

He reminds me more of the dog from warioware

mshope102349d ago

this is one of my favorite eshop games!

it's a fun original puzzle game that lets you make your own levels and share them with friends through QR codes!

and it uses the 3d effect so of my friends didn't think 3d could add to a game beside making it look great and throw out some pop out effects here and there.

but then i let him play this and not only could he not put it down cause it has that one more level feel the 3d effect really adds to the game and it wouldn't be the same without it!

so he went out and got a 3ds cause he saw 3d can add more then good visuals it makes games with it in mind better so he thinks 3ds has a bright future and had to have it!plus resident evil revelations helped sway him too lol!!!

Jantrit2348d ago

I bought this on my 3DS :) Shows that creativety isnt dead.