Minecraft RTS? Castle Story: Floating Island Voxel RTS

Gamers Nexus: "With the recent rise in cube-oriented, voxel-centric games -- especially with open world adventure games, like Cube World, which combines Zelda, Minecraft, and Diablo -- we've been looking for the RTS variation of this programmatic and artistic direction. That variation is Sauropod Studio's Castle Story."

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Lelldorianx2318d ago

There are way too many cool games coming out lately that I'm excited for. I'm going to be poor this year.

bptboy2318d ago

At first I thought the title read Cave Story. lol!

Lelldorianx2318d ago

Haha, I had to triple-check it to make sure I didn't accidentally say Cave Story!

Velox2318d ago

Sam thing I said about cube world... looks better than minecraft already