Possible PSP/Vita game compatibility workaround

Possible workaround to make PSP games downloaded from PSN work on the PlayStation Vita

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bladednuisance2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"this would be a nice thing to test out when the PS Vita finally launches on February 22nd. If this is true and works with PS1 classics as well, the PS Vita just might be worth a pre-order..."

correct me if im wrong, but if its confirmed to work on launch, wouldnt it be a little late for a preorder anyway!?

my 1st edition bundle is only 3 days away, count em... 3!!

badz1492317d ago

the best thing is, you can actually reconfigure them to work with the right analog stick! FPS and TPS on PSP use the triangle, circle, square and X and those can be changed into the right analog on the Vita on the go. totally awesome feature!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2317d ago

Finally a way to "properly" control your character in the socom fire team bravo games. I will pick those up digital ASAP when I get my vita. Been having socom withdraw since zipper decided the ps3 didn't need an actual socom game. Fuck you unit 13, Seth Luisi you suck!!!!

Hx3KinG2317d ago

"If this is true and works with PS1 classics as well, the PS Vita just might be worth a pre-order"

yeah, because EVERYONE is buying a Vita to play PSP games, and if they can't they don't one?...GTFO, what kind of dumbness statement is that?!

ANIALATOR1362317d ago

I want a vita to play MGS1 the launch lineup doesnt interest me much. I'm just waiting for the MGS HD collection to come out for it. is it that stupid to buy one for that purpose? No

Hx3KinG2317d ago

Of course it is! Would you buy a 3DS at launch to play nintendogs DS? Would you buy a 3DS to play mario kart ds? How bout a ps3 to play star wars super bombad racing? No. How does that make any sense? Its stupid. Maybe im missing something but if someone is willing to fork out a lot of money, or any money whatsoever at a console launch and get all hyped up for a new gen of handheld gaming just so they can play a game that they can play on their other system makes no sense to me!

If i could play all PS1 games, minis etc. that would be awesome, but in no way does that decide my purchase, just stupid! On ther the other hand i can understand if some people went all digital with the psp last gen, and would like to have the access to play all they biught games, but is that really guna put you off the vita? OF COURSE NOT,

raiden-492317d ago

The only thing is do you have a ps3?

ANIALATOR1362316d ago

@raiden-49 No mine broke a while back. My brother still has his but I need a simple solution. A portable would be easier so i don't have to keep moving a PS3 around different houses. MGS is my favourite series ever so I would like 1,2 and 3 on a Vita. I don't care for Uncharted. It's not my thing. Not of the launch titles really interest me. @Hx3KinG I will look forward to next gen portable gaming as soon as Kojima announces a new Metal Gear game for it. Until then I don't care about that gay c**t Nathan Drake

DarkBlood2317d ago

it should be a damn given this should work day one no? at least with the ps1 classics

jfinesse2317d ago

"work around" huh. Seems like these jackasses are trying to hack the damn thing before it even comes out. Sony will patch ps1 games eventually and until then I'll play Vita games on my Vita

frankiebeans2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

its not hacking its just transferring them to the psv like you would do with a psp.

and as bad as it might sound the vita its really cool and all but hackers would open the system up to allot more possibilities like they did with the psp and imo psp was 100x better if you got it hacked even tho the piracy part kinda sucks for the devs but, n64 gamecube ps2 xbox emulators would be awesome and playing all the zelda games on psv would be crazy! its just a matter of time tho because everything gets hacked eventually.

TronEOL2317d ago

The shitty part is that the Vita is going to also be able to be played online, which means once people hack it, all the legit online players will be losing.

Emulators and such are fantastic, but I know 100% that people will be hacking the online games too. Along with many other things privacy related.

Lets just use these controlled platforms for what they were made for. Please.

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