BioShock Sells 2 Million Copies Worldwide

In announcing their financial results for the fourth quarter, Take-Two confirmed BioShock has now sold over two million copies worldwide across Xbox 360 and PC.

Also, the newly formed 2K Marin will reportedly head BioShock 2, while Levine works on something completely new.

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MK_Red3741d ago

Super duper uber awesome news. I'm really glad to see that this masterpiece was successful commercially as well as critically. Rapture FTW.

Bladestar3741d ago

Microsoft to developers, "This is how we roll... wanna a ride? Jump in or start planning for unemployment.".

toughNAME3741d ago

Amazing game. I'd never spend $60 on it, but I had a blast when I played it 2 times through (800/1000)

Interesting concept, fun demo, great deserves it

chester3741d ago

i'm more then happy with the $60 i spent on it. i can promise that i'll be playing this game at least once every few months for many years to come. more then curious to see what they are going to do for 2.

Jay da 2KBalla3741d ago

Very happy for bioshock.....

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The story is too old to be commented.