Quick! Pass ACTA and SOPA! Activision Blizzard Makes $1 Billion Profit in 2011!

One of the most heavily pirated games of 2011 was, rather predictably, the newest Call of Duty game. Based off of statistics from torrent sites Modern Warfare 3 was downloaded illegally over 3 million times, and this was just in the few months between its release and the end of the year. Using math borrowed from the RIAA and MPAA, that means Activision Blizzard directly lost over, and this is a rough estimate, 60 billion double dollars.

This is something that supporters of draconian copyright enforcement laws and the further encroachment of Big Daddy America on the international internet point to as a reason we need all these absolutely terrible initialisms that look to try and turn the world into even more of a corporate dystopia than it already is. “Every downloaded game is a lost sale” they say, “each of these pirates would be a paying customer otherwise” they say, “burn all the poor people for fuel so the temperature never drops below 70 in gated communities” they say.

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greeneggsnsam2322d ago

Its a joke, these companies make more money than god.

LX-General-Kaos2322d ago

Not the greatest fan of Activision, but as long as Blizzard is with them I will never hate them.

gamingdroid2322d ago


You don't want to support this gazillion dollar companies? Quick, support online passes!

lorianguy2322d ago

Activision don't need (Or in some people's minds deserve) the extra sales. I mean the pirates probably wouldn't have bought the game anyway.

Perhaps that number would go down if Activision made a revolutionary Call of Duty that was good enough to pay full price for.


So basically ACTA and SOPA are money making monsters for game devs?

Am i missing something or really stupid?

kcuthbertson2322d ago

The title is sarcastic. It's saying that the games and movie industry is doing just fine. They're continuing to make more and more money each year. Not the other way around as they seem to want us to believe.

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The story is too old to be commented.