Real Life Shooting From Home Computer Predates Twisted Metal Commercial

The internet has been all a titter over David Jaffe’s part-brilliant/part-psychotic advertising campaign for Twisted Metal. On the off chance you have been living under a rock that doesn’t have a good internet connection, it was announced that people can sign up for an opportunity to shoot a real gun full of real bullet juice at a real replica of Sweet Tooth’s iconic ice cream truck from the comfort of their own home. David Jaffe might have a pretty crappy opinion on the importance of narrative in video games, but the man sure knows how to promote something.

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greeneggsnsam2201d ago

I dont get TM at all but i am interested.

MariaHelFutura2201d ago

What not to get about it? Its like a 3rd person shooter w/ cars w/ guns instead of people w/ guns. Its not that complex.

Bereaver2201d ago

Not sure if you're just joking or what.... but...

The story goes as follows.....

You've had something or someone or even your life taken away and you won't get it back.... but someone shows up by the name of calypso and he promises to give it all back to you.... all you have to do is win.

Nostradavis2201d ago

I think the idea of shooting something from a computer is cool, the only thing is it has the potential to be taken too far. I mean, shooting dear? Really? From a computer? How is that anything like hunting...

Xof2201d ago

David Jaffe is a lot like Peter Molyneux. They both are very prominent people in the Gaming industry... who have produced very little of merit.

Nostradavis2201d ago

Woah, are we forgetting about that little boy Peter created to sit under a virtual tree with a few years ago?

rdgneoz32201d ago

The one that never came to be anything but a cancelled tech demo, let alone one that was faked?

soundslike2201d ago

"QQ Jaffe doesn't wike the same games as me"

NegativeCreep4272201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Just off the top of my head, David Jaffe has been the proprietor of two of the most prominent Playstation franchises of all time: God of War and Twisted Metal.

In preparation of your response, don't talk the stereotypical anti-sony argument "didn't sell x-million amount of copies in one day". Talk quality. The quality of the software, and not the effectiveness of the PR Marketing, is what really holds true to hardcore gamers.

Edit: I just realized I'm down to three bubbles. I guess real-world experience and nonpolitically-correct comments - check my last known comment - even if it is correct and rational, acts as a hinder in the realm of

soundslike2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

He's mad because he couldn't grasp the point of Jaffe's speech, can't accept other peoples opinions, or simply didnt even listen. Now he's going to have an emotional kneejerk opposition to anything involving Jaffe's name.

"Xof + 1d 7h ago
Putting story before gameplay is an awful way to approach game design.

Of course... putting gameplay before story is ANOTHER awful way to approach game-design.

Both elements are (or should be) intrinsic to each other, and should be major focuses of development from day 1.
#1.2.2 "

yea...he mad

Ghost2502201d ago

is have to second that peter molyneux is pretty cool guy, but when he makes promises about his games he fails to bring them to life ultimately disappointing the fans of his games

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DrDeath2201d ago

Yea jaffe made Twisted Metal and God Of War. One being the longest running franchise in Sonys history, and GOW being a huge hit from 1-3 in the Series. He's done more over the history of playstation than most developers dream. And he's a awesome. And he's ideas on narrative are correct. Too much ruins the experience and too little isn't enough. Uncharted 3= pretty close to perfect.