Metro- Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Metro- You only need a little experience with video games to guess, merely from its name, that this is a fantasy-themed role-playing game. The colon and the ambiguous subtitle seals the deal on what could be the most generic-sounding game of the year – and appropriately so too. Within minutes of being introduced to the Lord of the Rings-inspired world you’ve taken control of a human or elf character and are busy fighting giant rats and spiders.

Everything in Kingdoms Of Amalur is a cliché and everything that happens in it is as predictable as clockwork. This isn't an accident of design that the game was hoping to get away with, and nor is it necessarily even a fault for which to criticise it. Despite what might be implied in our interview with Todd McFarlane, originality does not seem to have been even a passing concern here - so it's a good job it gets a lot of the other stuff right.

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AllroundGamer2325d ago

i would give it also a 7/10, too much running through landscapes, the battles are kinda flawed, hard to distinguishable characters, but it's an ok action RPG, they should try to make a sequel where they would iron out the flawes.