What Does The Academy Of Interactive Arts And Sciences Think Of The Spike Video Game Awards?

GameInformer- The Spike Video Game Awards is a divisive show. Every year the awards become both a source of complaint for those who want to the see the entertainment medium treated as art, and an exciting spectacle for those who like to see their favorite hobby spend time in the spotlight.

The folks in charge of the Interactive Achievement Awards seem to appreciate the show. Here’s what a few members of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences think of the Spike VGAs and how it compares to the annual IAAs.

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mike1up2296d ago

The Academy is truly too kind. I would have taken the oportunity to nail Spike TV as a whole.

As for the awards, truly laughable. And no, I am not laughing "with" you. The "hardcore" finally feels accepted and verified by mainstream society. In actuality this is not further from the truth.

Don't allow Spike to group you with the vampires of "pop culture", 2nd rate musicians, and washed up celebrities.