What to Expect From The PlayStation 4

Gadgehit writes: "Speculation is ramping up on how much of an upgrade the Xbox 720 will be compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii U consoles, but there are currently very few rumours about the PlayStation 4 or what the console may or may not have inside it. So here are the likely specifications for the PS4, and why we think these specifications will be close to the final version of the console."

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lalalala2227d ago

Better not be $599 when it comes out, that would be ridiculous.

Lelldorianx2227d ago

Considering it will be obsolete as soon as it hits the shelf, yes.

PamPoovey2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Trust me it won't

The reason why the PS3 was so expensive was because Sony invested into the tec behind it (or so they say), like blu ray for example. I suppose it's true since it relates to what Sony usualy say about the PS3 being future proof...I mean out of all three of the consoles on the market today the PS3 seems like the one that could last the longest if it had to.

Anyway I'm excited for it, I like to think the PSV shows us that Sony listens to complaints (the price, launch games and how developer friendly it is). So I'm hoping it will have all the things we've been going on about for ages.

I hope they stick to the dualshock controler instead of doing a tablet like the Wii U (and apparently MS if rumors are anything to go by)

lorianguy2227d ago

Totally agree with you. The Vita was a step in the right direction!

And yes! If the dualshock is dropped, I'll be mortified! (Well, as far as the gamer within me will be).

Rageanitus2226d ago

I don't think it will be above 599 unless they provide another form of media as a trojan horse.

But Im sure i will still be around 500 dollars... video cards and processors can still be "expensive:

Mikhail2227d ago

They should price it at 499$ or 449$.

Vickistheman2227d ago

There's just no way Sony can afford another PS3 type launch so let's hope they don't go overboard.

I'd be happy with a console on the same level graphics wise as the 720 but launch at good price.

yesmynameissumo2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

1. Priced appropriately
2. No BC, but that really depends on the architecture
3. Easy to develop for
4. Tighter developer support
5. Kick ass exclusive games
6. PSN growing from PS3 to PS4 as XBL did from Xbox to 360

Half-Mafia2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

£300 is a good price for the PS4. For me I would easily go up to what the PS3 came out at which was £425. But your not going to sell that many at £425 in this economy.

There is no way in hell Sony is going to have a SKU without a HDD. The only difference these SKU's will have is different HDD sizes, say for £300 you get 128gb and £349 gets you 500gb.

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