CVG: "Asura's Wrath: More than just demigod of war?"

You can't accuse this of being misnamed: the wrath of Asura is palpable.

You feel it as you plunge into the action via flashbacks intertwined with epic boss fights. One-time general to the gods and war hero, Asura has been tricked, his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2226d ago

I'm sorry. It's just so bad. It's like Capcom played God of War 3 and said, "Let's do that! Well...not that. Let's have a five year old who's obsessed with DBZ write the script. Also, we don't need gameplay, right?"

It's a complete joke to me. They don't understand what "epic" means.

Big does not mean epic. You have to create that atmosphere, that story, that music, that EVERYTHING this game does not have!

bahabeast2226d ago

i hated the game soo much i played it for 2 minutes and deleted the demo

dorron2226d ago

Crappy game. It will fail hard.

andron6662226d ago

The demo killed this for me too. All QTE and nearly no gameplay. This will be a rental at best...

StifflerK2226d ago

The first time I played the demo I was surprised at the amount of QTE's , but after I took some time to learn the controls + mess around with them I was really impressed.

The sheer spectacle of the set pieces , the animation is brilliant, and the story + setting seem really interesting.

My only worry was that the game might be all the same , so it's good to hear it has a lot of variety.

I can understand why some people hate QTE's so much , but when done right they can be fun , like with GoW or Heavy Rain.

I'm really looking forward to this.

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