A New Q&A with Undead Labs Appears: Landmines, Ragdolls and Tentacles, Oh my! and

Following a games development can be an infuriating process, sometimes the studio will go months without divulging any new scrap of information. For that reason it’s all the more exciting when they do surface with some new details. Undead Labs, the highly devoted development team behind upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Class 3, have broken almost a month long silence to talk about some key aspects of the upcoming game.

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Hazmat132203d ago

unds lke a big order i hope they can deliver! 360 exclusive damn oh well im glad i have both 360 and PS3! lol sounds like a game i always dreamed of open world zombie game with some RPG elements kinda like dead island but bigger!

opinska2203d ago

yeah.. it's an xbox live arcade game, but looks great for what I saw so far.

Vielar2203d ago

From what little details have surfaced, it definitely sounds the the developers are pulling out all the stops to make this an amazing game.

I really like the fact that it's a 360 exclusive (as an avid Xbot). This game should quell criticisms about the weak line-up of the consoles exclusives