GameZone Gives Golden Compass for the 360 3.2/10

Via GameZone:

"The Golden Compass, based on one of this fall's most anticipated The Lord of the Rings clones, is an action game that's well aware of its incomparable challenge in achieving a film-worthy experience. It doesn't try to be something it's not. Forget the open-world nonsense so many games fail at. Forget the ridiculous missions that try to imitate a movie scenario no one wants to revisit. From the game's point of view, The Golden Compass is about a bear, a girl and her animals. And that's exactly who you'll play as throughout this journey."

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MK_Red3742d ago

Wow, GameZone usually doesn't give scores lower than 4 or 5 but hey, it was known that the Golden Compass game is terrible.

TwissT3742d ago

The curse of the movie based games strike again.