Nerd Rage?! Metal Gear Solid Rising and Devil May Cry

Why does everyone get so upset?! With the recent development of a "reboot" of Devil May Cry and an upcoming offshoot title for the Metal Gear Solid series, fans reacted with a raucous of very... very angry reactions. Justified or unjustified?

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jacksonmichael2290d ago

No. No. You said yourself, you just heard about this. You say, "Nobody takes the time to just think a second," but you clearly haven't done your research. The death threats? Yeah. A Youtube video by Gods Immortal Gauntlet. It's not a death threat by any means. Ninja Theory just wants your sympathy, but they aren't the victims. They've called the series they've been offered 'ridiculous' and have insulted not only its creator, but its fans as well. They're completely redoing the storyline. Yeah. So what does that make this? Well... Not Devil May Cry, that's for sure. It's closer to fan fiction. Furthermore, Devil May Cry is about fast gameplay - in 60 frames per second. Not 30. Like you said, Bayonetta was a good game. Yeah - that's Hideki Kamiya's influence right there. Do you even know who that is? Metal Gear Rising, though, that I'm fine with, because they've said it's something wholly different. I admire them for that.

-Mika-2289d ago

Sigh... Seriously rewatch the video again and listen to what he says. He basically counters every single argument you just made. Stop being so ignorant.

jacksonmichael2289d ago

So... I rewatched the video... He doesn't counter any of my arguments. At all. Nor does he even attempt to. Thanks for blindly agreeing with everything that gets posted on N4G. You are truly a hero.

LX-General-Kaos2288d ago

This is what Franchises look like when they need to wrap up the story and call it quits. Metal Gear was finished with 4. It was epic, and a 10/10 in my book, but it is over. DMC needs to ens as well along with resident evil.

BitbyDeath2288d ago

I agree, Metal Gear should be over. 4 was a brilliant ending.
That said i still want a new game based on Revolver Ocelot, a trilogy may even be needed to fully understand his side of things.

LX-General-Kaos2288d ago

I agree with you to some extent. But all time and energy should be removed from metal gear for awhile so we can get something new. Even if not completely new, how about finishing off existing games. Or remaking old school Konami games from the past. Snatcher? Zone of the Enders?

An ocelot trilogy is nothing different then what they are doing with raiden. More side stuff. A new IP would be welcome from kojima and friends. Especially with a new generation closing in. The best time for a new IP is in the beginning of a new era.

Ekmez2289d ago

Big fan of DMC I see. Very upset I see. Yes I do my research... Even though, err, not much research is needed to find that these escalated responses of something as outrageous as death is something that a sensible person wouldn't condone. Plus I'm saying it as an embellishment, because theres no way that such a threat is serious, we all know this.

But its the general asinine outrage whenever the beloved franchise is touched that i'm trying to say is a bit overboard. People that think that they have a right to the creative direction of a series because they knows whats best because um... They do? The logic doesn't line up. This constant return to overwrought defensiveness and senseless outcries that end up looking childish and immature. And yes I know who Kamiya is, and how he "misses" his Dante, as well as his role in the polished nature of Bayonetta. And yes Ninja Theory's comments about the Western nature of their game might come across as abrasive, but i'm just saying... Chill out.

FinaLXiii2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Nerd rage indeed.

People didnt even had the chance to play these games and are already complaining by a certain style change in the series oh man guys just STFU and wait for the release and then complain about it if you dont like it but that wont change the fact if it will be a good game or not.

h311rais3r2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Changing the hero in a game to some is like changing a hero in reality. Example is what if someone did a story on Martin Luther king and made him a pot smoking rasta

I am not that drastic but they didn't need to hange Dante at all. Reboots generally are only needed if a series starts to fail.

Ghost2502288d ago

dude are like seriously trying to compare dante to MLK? you should really get a cat-scan. how you gonna compare a video game character to someone who fought for civil rights. like literally get your head out your ass.

SockeyBoy2288d ago

I suffer from anxiety, so I don't like change...

frankiebeans2288d ago

im not going to support this metal gear because i dont ever want them to do something like this to the franchise ever again so im going DMC.

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