The 10 Greatest Video Game Series Mash-Ups

There's something ridiculously enticing about the merging of fictional worlds, especially when it comes to video games. Maybe it's the immersion factor, making players feel like they have a personal stake in their favorite games; stakes that never seem higher than when those disparate worlds are brought together. With Street Fighter X Tekken, possibly the most epic fighting game crossover ever, just over the horizon, we thought it might be an appropriate time to reflect on our favorite gaming mash-ups of all time.

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CrimsonEngage2292d ago

Still waiting for MK vs SF.

Venox20082291d ago

Maybe it would be better: Killer instinct vs. MK

jeagerjaques872291d ago

DCU vs marvel would be better.

Moncole2291d ago

Mari0 should be on the list. The Mario Portal mash up. It's coming March 3rd :D

SquidBuck2291d ago

Still waiting for God of War4: The Legend of Link vs Halo: Master Chief Meets Knuckles!

Venox20082291d ago

one is missing: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom