RPI Round-Up #1 – Skyrim Kinect, Call of Duty 9 and a Sonic Sack

In the first RPI Round-up, Tom talks about this weeks Skyrim explosion, shedding light on some of the endless possibilities that would come with Kinect Dragon Shouts. We also launch our first video competition for some gamer schwag!

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TomInc2349d ago

I'd LOVE to FUS RO DAH half the annoying kids in Skyrim off cliffs

DavidBaller2349d ago

I'll dragon shout his children off a cliff if I don't win that bag!

Mattlevin2349d ago

There is already over 2000! Mods on steam already it's amazing. I know what video you speak of with the Kinect, and half of the features shown should've made it into the final game.

yen8882349d ago

Awesome video! Thanks for the info, really looking forward to the next :)

h311rais3r2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Kinect shouts already exist . Mods. Pc

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