Gravity Rush director hopes to create sequel

Gematsu: "Gravity Rush 2 may not be too distant a hope. Asked on Twitter whether he’d rather move to a new IP or create a sequel, Gravity Rush director Keiichiro Toyama said he shopes to create a sequel with the same staff that created the first game."

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jujubee882350d ago


Yet, I (for some reason) want more. BRING IT!

Colwyn2350d ago

ive played a demo of gravity rush and i think its amazing. its a must buy for any vita owner.

pain777pas2350d ago

I stupidly watched a few videos of gameplay of the game. It SEEMS that it is better than we think it is. It really is a Japanese Infamous with identical RPG elements. I am beyond excited for this gem. It is truly amazing to just mess around in the OPEN WORLD that they give you. Get excited.

Optical_Matrix2350d ago

Well in that case we need to support this fantastic looking game. I'm tired of great new IP's doing badly and thus not becoming franchises because fool hardy gamers of the 21st century are by in large, too afraid to try new things.

murkster-dubez2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Totally agree, quality and most importantly innovative games like this need support.

MasterCornholio2350d ago

I agree as well many weird innovative games never got sequels due to poor sales. Lets hope that Gravity Rush does extremely well.


evercast2350d ago

I wish it hadn't got pushed back to May but it's still a day one buy!

Ddouble2350d ago

That's just a placeholder. It hasn't been confirmed yet. It's still a launch window title as far as i'm concerned.

Ddouble2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

It's getting good reviews in Japan.
A lot of 5 stars on Amazon

A sequel will defintely be good since by then they would know the vita's hardware even better.

user77927882350d ago

I think Famitzu gave it a 39/40

HarvesterOSarow2350d ago

Wish this could be the first game I start up when I get my Vita because it's amazing. I'll be buying Gravity Daze day one!

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