20 best PS3 and 360 games you've never played

CVG- There's never been a better time to invest in the games you skipped on the way to Modern Warfare 3. They're below £20, they're brilliant, and if those sales figures are accurate there's a good chance you missed out when they first hit the shelves.

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Kur02319d ago

Some of these are just plain bad and some of these sold great like Dark Souls, Castlevania, and Bayonetta.

Christopher2318d ago

I always wonder who the 'you' is in these articles. I've played most of those games.

nix2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

i think "they" meant everyone of us...

OT: i've only picked up R3 and Yakuza 4 out of that list... still haven't finished both though. and oh... Dark Souls.. which i haven't even unwrapped. i'm scared that the dark souls will consume my social life. q;

Relientk772319d ago

I think Folklore and 3D Dot Game Heroes should be on everyones to play list. They are very great and overlooked games

Why o why2319d ago

Completed both of those. Messed up on my second playthrough on 3d dot. Wanted to get the proper complete (save princess) with the extra goals and all the items/swords and all that but forgot i had to do something midway through the game to achieve this and couldnt be asked to do it all again. Great game. My sword flashed the whole damn screen... great game for the oldschool gamer. i will NOT sell it.

acemonkey2319d ago

i played most but dislike some thats on the list b.c the game sucked lol

CrimsonEngage2319d ago

Uh... i'v played almost all of these.

Mercs 2 is one of the most fun games i'v ever played. (if you can get by the bugs)

MrBeatdown2319d ago

Needs more Singularity, Blur, Split/Second, and The Saboteur.

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The story is too old to be commented.