$558 i3-2120 Budget Gaming PC Build The Plays It All

Gamers Nexus: "This system is built entirely for gaming. It uses a hyperthreaded, dual-core i3-2120 (AMD fans: don't send me your rage email quite yet) that is optimized for in-game performance. AMD plays a game of cores and numbers, but the simple fact is that more cores does not necessarily equate better gaming performance. Many games are still dual- or quad-threaded applications and do not run on more than 2-to-4 threads efficiently. As the i3-2120 is hyperthreaded, it will run four threads while providing the best caching setup and architecture on the market. AMD might have cores in this instance - and they absolutely provide excellent hardware for an ultra-budgeted PC - but AMD's Phenom 960T simply can't compete with Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture on the gaming front."


Update: Title should read "That plays it all," not "the."

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Velox2349d ago

Lol just cuz intel is better doesn't make it the best choice

Its about style to

Lelldorianx2349d ago

Style? It's a silicon die placed on a piece of metal, which is then coated in thermalpaste and covered by a heatsink. Where exactly does "style" come into play when choosing a CPU? Performance - sure. Style? There's nothing to be seen or show off.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Sjs1202349d ago

AMD sucks , and you suck for thinking Intel sucks. Your style sucks too.

Velox2349d ago

Uhh well tell that to my bulldozer

Motorola2348d ago

Bulldozer is a fail when it comes to gaming.... get outperformed by an i5 2500k.

Lelldorianx2349d ago

This build is incredibly powerful for the price. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can't believe you can now get 16GB of RAM for the same price it was to get 4GB of RAM only a few years ago.

ssb31732349d ago

Yeah but its how industry works. Eventualy, tech like this will get even cheaper in a few years to come. I remember going on CNET in 2004 and it said that a 1gb USB was £1000. Now a couple years later you can get it for about £2.

Lelldorianx2349d ago

Ha, I completely forgot about the USB spikes in the early days. I also vividly remember deciding, "I'll stick to CDs."

Great point. I can't wait for things to continue growing as they are for gaming!

Sjs1202349d ago

Intel is the way to go, excellent choice. AMD makes cheap and less powerful chips, no bueno!

fossilfern2349d ago

Ill admit the new FX series left me disappointed, and shouldnt be FX branded since the Athon FX chip back in the day blew anything intel had out of the water, but at least AMD are doing something new with their chips! And sadly AMD dont have the money Intel do.

KING852349d ago

I'm building a computer for the first time myself. So far my specs are:
cpu: i5 2500k (got on sale for $140
gpu: waiting on new nvdia
mem: 16gb g. skill ripjawx x (got on sale for $60)
case: haf 932 (got using amazon credit)
motherboard : undecided (asus/evga/gigabyte)
power supply: corsair/cooler master (undecided)
cooler: corsair h60 ($50)
sound card: creatixe x-fi titatnium ($100)
hard drive: western digital caviar blue ($65)

So far I have spent $415. I expect i would spend another $100-$150 on a motherboard and then the graphics card. OS would be free so I don't think it's not going to be too expensive. If you're a college/grad student use your old text books to trade into or sell on amazon and you can save yourself a pretty penny. When it's all said and done I expect to spend less than $700. Keeping my fingers crossed. If anyone has any suggestions on power supplies or future/current gpu I welcome your feedback.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2349d ago

1. Get a water cooler and a ssd HD.
Other then that. Nice build : )

I built my comp for $700 - and that is with a water cooler and ssd disk - 16gb ram - and a 560ti oc 2gb.
And the heart is a intel Quad i5 760

Playz everything on max with dx11 on high
(Except the new batman game for some strange reason ).

Lelldorianx2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

There is absolutely no reason to get a liquid cooler. Closed-circuit liquid coolers are just as effective as mechanical ones. Unless you're prepared to spend $200+ on a full, recirculating liquid cooler, there's simply no reason to get one unless you're a serious overclocker or you just want to look cool.

Even the stock heatsink is perfectly fine on a Sandy Bridge CPU, unless you're really beating it up with something (overvolting, serious benchmarking, etc).

I do, however, agree that an SSD is a very good idea. I wrote an analytical article on the impact of SSDs on gaming, seen here:

iamgoatman2349d ago

A H60 is a water cooler isn't it? Besides Sandybridge CPU's run so cool and overclock so well a water cooler isn't really needed anyway. I run mine on air at 4.5Ghz (can hit 5Ghz just) and it never goes above 55C under full load.

An SSD is a good investment though, although if you're on a budget it's probably better to put that extra cash on the GPU and upgrade to one later once the price per gig has come down a bit.

Oh and DX11 in AA is broken, or at least it was. Also PhysX can be a serious performance hog in that game, so maybe try disabling that if you haven't already.

Velox2349d ago

Or just don't waste money on intel

KING852349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I forgot to mention the samsung 830 64gb ssd i have and the h60 is a liquid cooler. The haf 932 may be ugly, but to me it's not about looks, but airflow is wonderful.

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Somebody2348d ago

Nice. I've been using 2500K since last September (an upgrade thanks to BF3) and quite loving this chip. And I have been only using the stock Intel cooler since then. Never been totally satisfied with a hardware like this before (well, then I got a GTX 570 and got even more satisfied).

I am thinking of buying the H60 cooler though. I assume it would be easier to clean than the traditional heat sink since the main body/regulator is already away from the cpu.

BattleAxe2349d ago

I don't understand why people like the HAF computer cases. Sure they might have good airflow, but they've got to be one of the ugliest cases around.

Lelldorianx2349d ago

Idiosyncrasies are funny things.

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