Deal Match: Amazon Discounts Rocksmith to $49.99

"Grab Rocksmith (Xbox 360/PS3) for $49.99 (Reg. $79.99) at Amazon!

This is a deal match of the just announced sale.

Rocksmith is one of top 2011 releases in our humble opinion..."

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Lelldorianx2346d ago

Still way too expensive for peripherals.

dgonza402346d ago

You play with an actual electric guitar lol
If you have no motive in learning electric guitar then yeah, the peripherals are expensive.

Soldierone2346d ago

Totally worth it if you are into guitar. I bought it and it is the absolute best music "game" to date. If you own a guitar, I highly suggest it.

young juice2346d ago

what if i want to learn to play guitar? havent really looked much into this game so i will have to research

Soldierone2346d ago

Yeah I bought it because I never "learned" guitar, I just played randomly. It is a really good learning tool and I've enjoyed it so far. I just wish it had more music.

It gets going kinda slow, depending on how bad you are at learning things lol but really teaches you a lot rather fast and hammers it in your head till you don't forget.

My only suggestion is to ensure you already have a guitar or actually interested in the game. Also don't buy the "Rocksmith" guitar, it sucks.

young juice2346d ago

thank for helpin me out, bubs+

also yeah i have a guitar but its kinda busted. thinkin of buyin a another