GDC floor plan – big booths for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo

The GDC 2012 floor map has been revealed, and Sony/Microsoft have multiple large booths at the show. Nintendo also has a sizable booth.

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Colwyn2323d ago

i would like if microsoft announce a new console at gdc and release the console this year. i know gdc is a bit dif than e3 but id love a big announcement by microsoft

Sev2323d ago

GDC is tiny, and not much at all is there. These booths are a lot tinier than they appear on this floorplan. I promise you that.

Most anything worth seeing will take place at local hotels, behind closed doors in private suites publisher rent out to demonstrate their games.

This is NOT E3.

trancefreak2323d ago

A little off topic, but Speaking of E3 all 2014 conventions have been cancelled in Los Angeles. This will be due to the renovation of the entire convention center and south hall to be connected to one huge futuristic convention hall expandable into the NFL stadium.

If that deal goes threw and the stadium is completed which would require the NFLs approval to relocate a team we will see one of the grandest future E3s with so much conference space all tied together instead of having separated floor space as before. The place will rock. I know its 2 years away before the cancellation to take place but it will be interesting to see what city e3 will be held at in 2014.

Crazyglues2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Yes this should not be surprising to anyone, considering the development kits have already been given to key developers... -(For example EA's announcement of the next Unreal engine already running on next gen consoles)..

The only way you can do this is if you have the development kit which is made off of what will be the system specs.. (Give or take a few things - Like it could end up having minor changes, more or less memory but the main specs are there)

So I think it's possible that we get an announcement at GDC, just because we are getting close to what will be locked in hardware decisions..

It would be a smart move just so they can get feedback from consumers and see how they feel about the possible direction as far as the specs.. -I for one want dual HDMI ports so you can do dual Monitors, it was promised for PS3, but it never happened..

-So I would love to see that for PS4 as a standard feature as I use Dual monitor all the time on my PC- they would also be able to do some cool things like GT6 in dual screen, or have two player coop where one person could be on one monitor and someone else on the other, instead of having to shrink the screen..


MaximusPrime2323d ago

What matter now is can each of them deliver?

NYC_Gamer2323d ago

a lot of announced software from past events nothing major will be shown until E3

LX-General-Kaos2323d ago

I would like to see some new engines at GDC. Im not to worried about games at this point, just want to see some foundation laid down for the future.


Quite frankly, not even E3 or TGS hold the big announces now. All publishers have their own events and conferences (even the 1st party ones) and magazines also make many deals exclusive reveals. So now big announces just spread throughout the year.

Sure the major conferences still agregate some announces, but it's not like 3 or 4 events hold 50% or more of the big announces in the anymore. Recent exemples are GTAV and RE6, two major games annouced late last year, after the last big conference in the year (TGS).

Conferences are still big in first glimpses of gameplay trhough.

360GamerFG2323d ago

Kinect does need alot of space so this isn't a suprise. Hehehe I kid. . .no but seriously.

dredgewalker2323d ago

And don't forget those poncho''s gonna be a battle if they both demonstrate both new Move and Kinect games. Just kidding, hopefully they'll reveal new game engines.

Mystogan2323d ago

Microsoft has the biggest.

raytraceme2323d ago

they need the space for kinect ya know.

BitbyDeath2323d ago

Also if you look closer on the west hall you can see MS have two booths (the other left of blizzard), and Sony has two in the west (right of activision) as well as the big one in the north.

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