Why you should buy the PSVita with 3G talks about the PlayStation Vita WiFi+3G, and why you should buy this version.

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MaximusPrime2129d ago

I got iPhone so I will be using that for 3G (well not every times but when I feel like it). I preordered Wifi version and am looking forward to it.

Nitrowolf22129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Honestly for the plans offered for Vita 3g it's a pretty crappy choice.
I don't like the limitation and knowing that there is a monthly fee to follow it. Much rather just use wifi hot spots from phones or something along the line as using my 3G from my phone as a wireless internet adapter.

Maybe if they can get cheaper service with more bang or other providers to support Vita then yea it might be a good deal.

PSVITAlitysensor2129d ago

I'll wait for the price to drop...

MrGunny942129d ago

Doesn't worth it imo.. i got a WP7 and a iPhone

Coltrane_C2129d ago

When did Uncharted come out for Iphone?

MagnuW2129d ago

I think he is saying that the 3G version not is worth it.

Kurisu2129d ago

I've seen a few of these "BUY THE 3G VERSION" articles pop up lately. I'm sticking with Wi-Fi though. £50 on top of what I'm already paying PLUS monthly data fees isn't worth it, for me at least. I'd rather put that money towards games --- which is what I'm buying the Vita for.

Chapulin2129d ago

I am getting the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Launch Bundle because it comes with a 8GB memory card that cost $34.99 and a free PSN game. The way I look at it is, I'm getting PS Vita 3G version at no additional cost.

Smashbro292129d ago

Someone's been doing the math!!

dcortz20272129d ago

It's funny because I just realized this today while thinking about which PS Vita model to go with. The PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi launch bundle is a better deal than the PS Vita Wi-Fi only model when you think about it. Plus, you'll be set for future apps and other things that come to the PS Vita in the future that require the 3G feature. 3G, 8GB memory card, and a free PSN game for only $50 more dollars.

MrGunny942129d ago

I'll get the Wi FI one instead, you didn't understood me

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