Why Halo: Reach is the Definitive Multiplayer Experience

MP1st - There’s no denying, unless your crazy, that Halo is a game that revolutionized single-player storytelling and multiplayer before the reigns were taken by the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty. As a ten-year veteran of the franchise, one iteration stands out among the rest, and that is Halo: Reach.

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MidnightSpecial2290d ago

I've heard a lot of people say that Halo: Reach ruined Halo. I completely disagree - Reach was the best of the bunch by far

coolbeans2290d ago

I personally find it at #4 out of the 5 Bungie Halo games. It's still an excellent game, but I'm more into the older style of MP where you have to know the map layout in order to get the weapon you want.

Hufandpuf2290d ago

I liked Halo 2 the most, but when Halo Reach released it quickly became #1. The armor abilities really mix up the action and can determine if you get out of a sticky situation or not which is fun. I don't play it much at all now but when it came out it was really fun.

tigertron2290d ago

Reach got alot of hate because it was different. Its my favourite next to the first Halo.

Play2Win2290d ago

Overall REACH is a great package and one of the best exclusives on 360.

m232290d ago

The multiplayer is great aside from some minor things, it requires a lot of teamwork to do well, and that's what Halo is all about. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the changes they made, such as the AAs. In my opinion, Halo 3 was the best in terms of multiplayer. 343 has done some things to improve the multiplayer in Reach however, the TU is great and the Anniversary playlist is just awesome.

I have faith in 343 in what they will be able to do with Halo 4, we will see really soon what they have up their sleeves.

xVeZx2290d ago

Reach has the best party system ever....why cant more games copy it...sigh

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