Cube World: Everything We Know So Far (Video Preview)

Gamers Nexus: "Our first official episode of Saturday HEAT SIGNATURE has arrived! After posting the feature-length article about Cube World earlier this week, everyone at GN felt the hype for this otherwise hidden gem building up rapidly. Cube World's gaining recognition among gamers with respectable speed and will blast off when it hits Alpha, so be sure to look into it early and be the first of your friends to discover it."

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Lelldorianx2325d ago

Agreed, I love the overall art direction and the focus on exploration and adventure. I feel like it's what an endless world form of Zelda would be like...

Velox2325d ago

Looks way better than minecraft imo.

Lelldorianx2325d ago

I think it depends on what type of gamer you are. I tend to prefer exploration and adventure games, and while I like building games, I inevitably burn out and get bored of them. This happens much less often in adventure games (for me).

Sobari2325d ago

I'm more pumped for this than I have been for any other title in a long time.

Fragger2k82325d ago

This game looks pretty dang awesome.

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