1UP: Gotham City Impostors Review: It Will Cure You of The Military Shooter Blues

Ryan Winterhalter: Finding myself a little bored with my Battlefield 3 matches, GCI provides a wonderful change of pace, and others who fondly remember the more varied world of shooters pre-Call of Duty 4 will likely feel the same. I know I'll try to convince my friends to make the switch."

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Soldierone2296d ago

I was trying to explain this to people, but trying to get them off military shooters is like pulling teeth....which in return means i won't buy the game. Its online based, if online dies then my money goes to wast. You can't get these people to switch for any part of their day, it might die.

soundslike2296d ago

Besides the unappealing micro-transactions/grinding the terrible matchmaking pretty much ensures this game will be dead in a month

I say this as someone who enjoyed the gameplay...

Play2Win2296d ago

You can tell the future?

soundslike2296d ago


Ever since that fateful meltdown at the nuclear power plant...

MaxXAttaxX2296d ago

It's like Call of Duty with Batman characters skins.

Such wasted potential of an interesting theme on a FPS.

RXL2296d ago

i actually liked it and will be playing *shrugs*

i know a worse way of spending 15 bucks

(map packs anyone?)