BioWare has 'big plans' for Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP

In a fan Q&A session, BioWare said they have "big plans" for PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you've been keeping up with our updates you probably already know that BioWare has struggled with PvP in their first MMORPG. Between PvP glitches, Ilum exploits, unbalanced factions, and ridiculous gear grinding, PvP for SWTOR has seemed like a chore and less of a game.

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Lelldorianx2167d ago

PvP has never been extremely important to me in MMOs. I reserve that for RTS games, typically.

Panthers2167d ago

While I dont PVP, this had been a big issue with this game thus far. They need to fix it ASAP because a lot of people are getting disgruntled.

Drake1172167d ago

I would like to see some arena or something more competitive than just warzones added soon.