Mass Effect 3 - Shepard Ages Backwards?

Debbie from The Average Gamer used the ME2 character codes to recreate her own Shepard in the Mass Effect 3 demo. Results are... less than optimal.

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Lord_Sloth2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Better gfx engine=better looking Shepard. Looks like all of her features are there to me, just smoother.

Did you also change her hair style manually? I'm hoping for a more shaggy looking Dudeshep.

christian hour2202d ago

Thats an outlandish statement, clearly they could do a lot more with their creation tools if they were developing for just the PC, the character creation in Mass Effect is due to the limitations of aging console hardware, not their ability as developers.

Heartnet2201d ago

Bull... plently of good console games with decent customization lol... its not cause of the hardware its because of the developer...

Lord_Sloth2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

It's much easier to have a more indepth character creator when you have no story presented, will not be using your character skin for much of anything at all aside from display, and charge every1 by the month to keep playing their game.

That said, sure there's better creators out there. I won't even begin to dispute that, but it works. I'm loving PSO2's character creator so far.

iamgoatman2201d ago

I hope it is just a case of mis-matched code strings, because I'd be rather annoyed if one of my Shepards (I have several) looks like a completely different person after importing them into ME3, especially considering how difficult it was to make a character that resembled a human being in ME1.

BattleTorn2201d ago

get em while their hot!

i got a code from here.

Vortex3D2201d ago

I assume all the demo codes being claimed by now? I tried quite a number of them randomly but been used.