OXCGN's Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions: Shepard At His Finest


"Mass Effect 3 is less than one month away, hitting North American shores on March 6th and all other territories on March 9th.

Anticipations are high as the world braces for the final chapter of Commander Shepard‘s story, and for good reason: the game is looking better than both of its predecessors combined.

OXCGN got an early hands-on with the demo (set for release on the 14th), and what we found will please longtime fans, but also encourage newcomers to join the fight against the Reapers.

Are you ready for humanity’s finest hour in the battle for Earth?"

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Belgavion2226d ago

less than a month? where does the time go...

Hassassin2226d ago

the same place the money in my wallet goes XD