A Timeline of Video Game Controllers

A journey trough the history of video game controllers. In this infographic you'll find a timeline from the first video game controller to the newest generation of consoles. At the end we also focus on some weird an unusual controllers.

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MaximusPrime2294d ago

IMO Sony did a good job in keeping the design unchanged during three consoles. Love the four buttons: square, cross, triangle and circle

PamPoovey2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I hope they keep it the same for the PS4.....they better not change it for something gimmick like

Why fix something which isn't broken

KwietStorm2293d ago

It could use some slight ergonomic improvement.

hellzsupernova2293d ago

i would like it altered to be more ergonomic and have better R2 and L2 otherwise its perfect

gcolley2293d ago

very limited timeline, obviously written (haha) by someone who was born after the earlier consoles were in homes, and full of errors. what do you expect from cutting and pasting directly from wikipedia.
amateur half assed effort

JDW2293d ago

The timeline pics are misleading.

The PS1 had a version with no analogue controls to begin with....then the dual analogue model was released (at the same time as Gran Turismo I think).

The N64 had an analogue controller before the PS1.

nevin12293d ago


I hope Sony change the L2/R2 back to how they used to be.

GamersRulz2293d ago

I just realized that MS copied the Dreamcast controller.

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