'There simply aren't enough new IPs these days'

On last week's mailbox Steve Wood e-mailed in to say he's not completely done with the PlayStation 3 and doesn't want Sony to release the PlayStation 4 yet.

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Nate-Dog2204d ago

Well yeah, especially with unknown devs they have to often put in incredible amounts of money into titles and still end up failing a lot of the time. Look at Kaos Studios, they went with an FPS since that is one of the most popular genres this gen and so they weren't even really sticking their neck out their like some companies do with different and innovative games. It sells 2 million and they still didn't make enough and end up shutting down. It says a lot for the current market (not to mention the current economic market around the world).

Blaine2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

I didn't agree or disagree with your comment because I'm split. On the one hand, I agree that the market on the whole isn't easy on new IPs, but on the other hand, I don't think your example is a very good one. 2 problems I have with your example:

1. The FPS genre is crowded as it is. If a studio wants to make a new IP, that's a very competitive genre to break into.

2. 2 million sales is a very respectable number for a new IP. If that wasn't enough sales, then they set their sights way too high, and should have been more reasonable.

Most of the games I bought this gen were new IPs, and a few were sequels of those. And it's not because I feel a particular urge to help out new IPs, I just like their originality. And I don't mind if they're more reasonable in their approach because of the risk involved, I still choose the original game over the 15th game in a franchise that hasn't changed its formula since the second iteration. Example: Demon's Souls. It's easy to tell how huge an improvement Dark Souls is over its predecessor, but when you take into account the risks involved with making and releasing Demon's, then you forgive its cruder appearance! Same goes for the majority of the games I bought this gen.

Nate-Dog2203d ago

Well in terms of your point two that is my point, it was a brand new IP in a competitive genre but the most popular genre (arguably) this gen, yet 2 million sales and the revenue from it wasn't enough to keep the studio going. If a company can go into a genre with many many fans and sell so much and STILL not make enough money from it what's that to say about small companies that go into less popular genres and new and innovative IPs which not many people will play? The majority of people this gen don't seem to want to step out of their confined, set boundaries, they just want to play the same things as before because they know what to expect, be it recycled FPSs or HD remakes.

bumnut2203d ago

Im glad Kaos failed, they should have noticed that they make crap fps games after frontlines.

CrimsonEngage2203d ago

Not sure if serious. There are plenty of new IP's. The problem is people want to keep buying the same games *cough*cod*cough* and not try anything new.

soundslike2203d ago

Even with that element, the amount of new IP's today compared to 10-15 years ago is downright laughable.

LX-General-Kaos2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

There are plenty of new IPs. If you really think about it, most of the games are new IPs

LX-General-Kaos2203d ago

completely agree! There is a huge difference between having new IPs, and new IPs that people buy. The top selling game on all consoles all the time are sequels. This generation there were loads of new IPs. Unfortunately we have spoken against them with our wallets.

fluffydelusions2203d ago

There were not loads of new IPs compared to to other generations.

LX-General-Kaos2203d ago

Bioshock? Mass effect? Uncharted? Assasins Creed? Dragon Age? Infamous? Gears of WAR? Left 4 Dead? Dead Space? Lost Planet? Demon Souls? Alan Wake? Binary Domain? Project Rainfall Games? heavy Rain? The Last Guardian? Motorstorm?

I can seriously go all night with this! Those were just some of the more popular ones. There have been plenty of new IPs. We gamers have just become a greedy bunch and always ALWAYS want more. Nothing wrong with that but there are enough new IPs for a generation or two.

maniacmayhem2203d ago

Agree with the general, there were loads of new IP's people just remember two weeks of their past and never see the new games and then this nostalgia of yester year that makes them think there was a brand new game released every other day.

Catherine? El Shaddai? Lost Odyssey? Little Big Planet? MadWorld? Crackdown? Kameo? Dead Island? The Last of Us? Skylanders? Just Dance? Homefront? Frontlines? Shadows of the Damned? The Club?

Yes I could go on for a while. People need to join gamefly so they can experience all these different games and then they would know that there are plenty of new IP's out there.

Dasteru2203d ago

Just read another article like 3 days ago that said Nintendo released something like 75 new IP's just in 2011 alone.

Think i have to agree, the problem isn't lack of new IP's its lack of people knowing about them. most people only pay attention to the same old ones they have been playing for the past 10 years. COD/Halo/Gears/FF/GTA etc.

Unless it something major that has been heavily advertised on gaming sites and/or hyped up. All the less than triple-A titles just slip through the cracks.

Drummerdude412203d ago

I feel like a good way to overcome price/bland issues is if bigger studios hired smaller ones who have good visions and new ideas and aided them by providing professional teams to develop their IP.

Elemental_2203d ago

luminous arc, inazuma eleven, tweny, last story are just a slice of the new ips Ive loved

Play2Win2203d ago

Great and new IPs is what defines a generation. Not every year a improved sequel of a game that once was amazing.

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