First 15 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Demo

Andrew writes:

"I know a lot of gamers are looking forward to the upcoming hit title Mass Effect 3. Am I right? I bet you the reader on this page right now might already have the game pre-ordered. If not than I'm a little shocked but that's okay. I'm here today to bring you the first 15 minutes of the upcoming demo Mass Effect 3, which comes out February 14th. As for the full game next month but this will be sure to get your blood pumping after playing the demo."

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krazykombatant2233d ago

MUST NOT WATCH!!........ Must shut this tab.......

MAJ0R2233d ago

Ah ok I couldn't resist, just watched a few minutes and the movement looks really stiff and unnatural. Hopefully it's not like this in the final version.

H2OAcidic2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Nice! Yea, I can say it's an interesting one. I know quite a few people who will not play the demo due to mini spoilers.

I see what they mean by it but to me I'm more... I play anything even if I know what is or isn't going to happen.

FrigidDARKNESS2233d ago

Mass Effect 3 is looking very nice on the 360. Voice acting is top notch.

badkolo2233d ago

ok im really impressed, i watched it, couldnt help myself but dam, that looks much better then 2 and overall is rather impressive, form the gfx, to the movements, to the voices and eveyrthing else, it looks like this one is a blast.

seanpitt232233d ago

never played any mass effects just dosnt excite me

TooTall192233d ago

I might play the 2nd one soon. You can get it new for $20.

H2OAcidic2233d ago

Very true! If you haven't played either Mass Effect now would be the best time before the game Mass Effect 3 comes out. I know after playing this demo I'll need to pre-order the game right away.

I'm not going to say this game WILL or WILL NOT get GOTY but in the back of my mind I can see it happening. This game is going to be very rich, detailed, and enjoyable.

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