Gamers XTREME - Resident Evil Revelations Review (3DS)

Gamers XTREME: "Resident Evil Revelations is the franchise’s return to true form. It’s once again scary to turn around the corridor, not knowing what monstrosity awaits. Capcom listened to the fans and replied triumphantly with this latest installment. The visuals are the best around for the 3DS, the audio is incredibly crisp, the gameplay is perfectly tuned and the story will have you wondering what lies next. Add Raid Mode on top of all that and you have an incredibly robust package that Capcom has offered. Resident Evil fans have every reason to own a 3DS to witness this outstanding installment and should not be missed by any means."

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Abdou232265d ago

One question: Does the circle pad add the ability to move & aim at the same time ?!

Abdou232265d ago

Thnx, i think i might get that game now.