AMN Gives 9/10 to PS3 version of UT3: 'Lean and mean, pure UT.'

Unreal Tournament is shaping up to be big for PS3. Closing comment from the review:

"Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 is easily the closest a console has ever come to capturing the look and feel of a true "twitch" FPS. Those familiar with the series may miss a few of the gametypes from previous installments. Those that are playing UT for the first time get to experience a series that has loosely defined and inspired the FPS genre for years; and without the requisite additional PC upgrades. UT3 is a return to form for the UT series. Epic has trimmed the fat from its flagship series, and all that's left is lean and mean, pure UT."

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macalatus3596d ago hour after the article's posting and no one has ever even bothered to put some comments? I think it's because everybody already knows how UT3 came out good, delayed mod put aside.

Baba19063596d ago

im not so excited yet, becouse its not out in europe till next year. thats a bit sad. but well. guesswe got to live with that ot impoting it overpriced.

Polluted3595d ago

Start getting excited. I've been playing it all day and it's awesome. This is the first Unreal Tournament game I really spent much time with and I love it. If you played much Quake 3 back in the day and enjoyed it, you should love UT3. My roommate's a bit of a sniper, so he doesn't like it to much, but if you like twitch shooters UT3 is awesome.