Tritton Switchblade for PS3 [Review] |

Ian Fisher writes: The Tritton Switchblade for the PlayStation 3 is a durable and extremely reliable option for gamers out there looking for something solid to use while playing online. With a sleek design and small footprint, the Switchblade doesn’t feel like you’re talking to someone through a string can as the quality on both the audio and mic side of things is handled well. Outside of having to come to grips with making the Switchblade comfortable, the ear clip can’t be adjusted and isn’t too flexible, the device is certainly worth investing the money in for those looking for a completely wireless and affordable audio solution.

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InFAMOUS12198d ago

Spend the extra 50 bucks and get the PS3 wireless headphones.

Tru_Blu2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Those things suck now. They made it so any noise within a mile of you is picked up and amplified through the speakers.

InFAMOUS12196d ago

That is a good thing...At least you can hear yourself talking and are not left yelling at friends online.. Personally it has gotten me a lot less "You're yelling" looks from my girl..

LackTrue4K2198d ago

the ps3 one is good, and i love the look of this one too (reminds me of mass effect)!!! i think ill get this for a gift for my cousin.