Namco Bandai Files Pirate Warriors with US Patent and Trademark Office

Saiyan Island reports that the first One Piece game on the PS3 could be making it's way to the USA.

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tayz2226d ago

i had several nosebleeds when i read this!!!!! it better come very soon!!!

Andreas-Sword2225d ago

This game is coming also to Europe!

Day 1 buy game!
best Anime game!

tayz2225d ago

me too! i hope this sells millions!!

UltimateIdiot9112226d ago

Nice, not really a fan of One Piece or Dynasty Warrior games but the game does look fun.

RandomGamer2226d ago

SWEET!!!!! I love One Piece and Dynasty Warriors so this is pure win for me.

Inception2226d ago

Ow yeah!
can't wait to play as Sanji, Zoro, Ace, and Boa Hancock! ^^

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