Video of U.S. ps vita store + list of PSP titles

It seems that Us Playstation store has begun working two weeks before official launch of the Playstation Vita in U.S.

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homer2073d ago

Not even all of the socoms yet you have NBA 2k10,2k11,and 2k12. Not to mention no VC 2 or KH. At least they have tactics ogre though...

moparful992072d ago

I already have a digital copy of chains of olympus but Ghost of Sparta you will be mine!

Is it sad that I will probably have more psp titles with my vita then I do with my PSP? lol oh well can't wait!

dcortz20272072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I hope they add more PSP titles later on. Does anybody know? Thanks to anyone that replies as I only have one bubble hehe.

moparful992072d ago

Sony wouldn't pass up the opportunity to make essentially free money off such a HUGE back catalog of psp games so I would say chances are good...

zero_cool2072d ago

Well all that's left to do now...